Wednesday, March 03, 2004
Foolish Statements By Stupid People

Jon Keller – who used to be smart – this morning said that while the potential for a recall exists, Scott "Beefcake" Brown may have won his state Senate race because the voters are upset about service cuts. (source: WBZ-radio, 3/3/2004)

And Romney/Brown have nothing to do with service cuts, right Jon-o?

Sounds like Keller’s been spending too much time in Florida with Gary LaPierre. Hey Keller, start wearing a hat – the sun is baking your brain.

"The big picture is that we beat the machine," said Dominick Ianno, (junior strongman) of the Massachusetts Republican Party. "They threw everything at us but the kitchen sink, but Scott's reform message won, and the voters of Massachusetts won." (source: Metrowest Daily News, 3/3/2004)

Hey Ianno – you work for the (fraud) governor of the Commonwealth. You are the machine, you moron.

“Reform won," said (Romney’s loathsome $150,000-a-year spokesman.) "This shows what happens when independent voters cast the ballot for change."

What happens, lightweights get elected? Hey, he’s right!

Coming Tomorrow

Hidden winners and losers and ...

the end of Ben?


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