Friday, March 05, 2004
Post-Pozen Re-Position

What a difference a resignation makes.

Under Robert Pozen, Team Reform proposed to create jobs with Fuji by leveraging tax credits – despite Willard Mitt's previous pledge not to leverage tax credits to create jobs. (see RiaF, 5/20/2003; Boston Globe, 5/9/2003)

Okay, so Romney lied about the not leveraging tax credits thing. But at least he created jobs. Okay, so the Fuji expansion created 90 jobs. In a state of over 6 million people. But at least he created jobs.

But now Pozen is out.

So how does Romney propose to create jobs post-Pozen?

He doesn't. He's instead restructured the argument from creating jobs, to not losing jobs.

In other words, he lowered the bar.

Two days ago, Willard Mitt pledged to stop the outflow of jobs from Massachusetts by lowering unemployment benefits. (source: Boston Globe, 3/3/2004)

Which, we assumed, meant Romney planned on not losing jobs by lowering employer costs.

His plan lasted one day.

Yesterday, Revenue Commissioner Alan LeBovidge admitted the Fraud Governor directed him to 'scour the tax code in search of provisions that can be tightened to bring in more money,' and that by scouring corporate loopholes, Team Reform can generate upwards of $95 million in new revenue. (source: SHNS, 3/3/2004; Boston Globe, 3/4/2004)

Wait a minute. Jobs were being "outsourced" from Massachusetts due to existing UI tax costs, so Romney proposes we increase corporate tax costs?

And this will create, er ... 'not lose' jobs how, please?

Did Robert Pozen quit, or was he eaten?

Oh yeah, and in case you are counting, it's only been seven weeks since the Fraud Governor stood before the citizens of the Commonwealth and said, "in case anybody has any other ideas: I will not raise taxes." (source: office of (fraud) gov, State of the State address, 1/15/2004; Worcester T&G, 1/16/2004)

"In case anybody has any other ideas: I will not raise taxes"?

In 2003, the Fraud Governor increased fee’s by $500 million and raised taxes (through code changes) by $128 million.

In 2004, Romney increased fees by $16.5 million, and is increasing taxes by $95 million. (source: Boston Globe, 3/4/2004)

Hey – how ‘bout this? If we admit that no one has any other ideas, do you think he’ll stop raising taxes, already?

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