Monday, March 22, 2004
Funny Money

Lightweight LG Sherry Kerry Healey joked at the St. Patrick's Day Breakfast that at this year's Democratic National Convention, "N-Star will be organizing a dog-walking clinic - sure to be more electrifying than Kerry's anticipated acceptance speech." (source: WLVI-TV)


Last year, N-Star gave Romney-Healey Inc $9,475. (source: OCPF) Fully $5,725 was raised at a 'time' for the Fraud Governor in May; the balance for Healey in September.

We've heard that invitations to another "private event" featuring the Fraud Governor will be sent to Tom May and company sometime in late April. Do you think the invite will mention Sherry Kerry?


Ghost Writer

Last week we published a broadside listing reasons why the Fraud Governor should give Public Safety Secretary Ed 'Easy-on-Crime' Flynn a raise. Reason 7 read:

"PSComm used Flynn's influence to obtain another no-bid contract from the MBTA for $115,675 and parlayed that into still another no-bid contract with the MBTA for an additional $18,767. (Boston Globe, February 10, 2004)"

The next day, the MBTA watch-dog Bad Transit sent the following to the Rat Line:

"Your readers may not know it, but the $18,767 went into the writing of the Fraud MBTA Police Chief Joseph Carter's 'Plan of Action for the MBTA Police.' It was widely held that Carter wrote it and when he delivered it, leather-bound, to the media last July, it was proclaimed as such.

"It wasn't his work, but that of PSC Comm, and the cost was $18,767.

"The 'Plan of Action' took 6 months to draft, and nearly ZERO of it has been implimented. One of the core components of the plan was to install T Police at certain outlying district areas. They would be dispatched from these locations and work within a specific 'sector.' One of the 'sectors' has been host to a wild shooting (1 dead 2 injured) last November, and the recent stabbing death of a 15 year old.

"In response, the T wheeled in an old rented trailer and plopped it at the Dudley T station with the intent of using it as their 'substation'."

There you have it. MBTA Police Chief Joseph Carter, the Mike Barnicle of Team Reform.

When Carter was sworn in back in February 2003 he told the Fraud Governor, "I greatly value the opportunity that you have provided me, and assure you that you have made the right choice." (source: Boston Globe, 2/9/2003)

Wonder how much PSC Comm charged for that line.


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