Tuesday, March 09, 2004
Financial Flop Seeks Senate

Dr. [Uh-oh, here go those signal problems again] (R-Nahant) recently announced that she would be a candidate for the Robert O'Leary, (D-Barnstable) state Senate seat.

[Homonym to 'Anti-More'] joins Lou Gonzaga as challenging O’Leary.

(You may recall that Gonzaga, a long-time Republican activist from the Cape, had announced his campaign to run for the O'Leary seat in January. Inexplicably, Team Reform got [Shhhhhhh-pop-pop-shhh] to muscle Gonzaga out of the race. Gonzaga is now running as an Independent.

[Shhhhhhh-pop-pop-shhh], who recently moved to the Cape after failing to win a spot in the White House Fellows program, stated in her 'hey look me over' press release that "from January, 2001 until January, 2003, she was Fund Manager of the $100 million Fidelity Select Food and Agriculture Portfolio."

Her release features Barnstable County Sheriff James Cummings gushing that "we could use a doctor on Beacon Hill, and having a doctor who is also a financial manager as our senator would give the Cape an extra edge in getting its fair share from the state." (source: [Shhhhhhh-pop-pop-shhh] for Senate Committee, “Cape Cod Republican Dr. [Shhhhhhh-pop-pop-shhh] to run against O'Leary for state Senate,” 3/8/2004)

Do you really think so, Sheriff?

Because we checked out Dr. [Shhhhhhh-pop-pop-shhh]’s performance as a fund manager, and found that not only was her overall track record bad, but that she still holds the Fidelity Select Food and Agriculture Fund's "worst quarter ever" record.

According to Fidelity, the Select Food and Agriculture portfolio lost -.46 percent in 2001, and lost another –6.67 pecent in 2002. However, the portfolio's worst single quarter return is listed as that ending September 30, 2002 when the fund lost –13.69 percent, and when Dr. [Shhhhhhh-pop-pop-shhh] was fund manager. (source: fidelity.com)

Hey Sheriff Cummings, want to tell us again how Dr. [Shhhhhhh-pop-pop-shhh]’s financial expertise will give Cape residents "an extra edge in getting its fair share from the state?"

We didn’t think so.


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