Thursday, March 25, 2004
Walking Small

Remember that commercial that came on between the Banana Splits and Dark Shadows? The one where the guy in the convertible pulls up next to the young woman, whips out his Mister Microphone and says, "Hey, good looking! We’ll be back to pick you up later!"

Did you ever wonder what became of him?

We think he’s working for Team Reform.

Because yesterday, we read an astounding story about how Jay Garrity, who advances events for Willard Mitt, was (allegedly) cited for having a car that was decked out with red and blue flashing lights, a siren, a PA system, strobe lights, and tinted windows. (source: Boston Globe, 3/24/2004; Boston Herald, 3/24/2004))

The Fraud Governor’s advance man is a Fraud Cop - a Frop!

Just what type of advances was this Frop making? And why would an advance man need flashing lights and a PA system?

An aide to Romney’s $150,000-a-year loathsome spokesman said that the Frop formerly worked for the federal government. So does our mailman.

She was quick to note, however, that Garrity "never used the equipment in Massachusetts."

Yeah? And she knows this how? And if not in Massachusetts, where did Garrity use the equipment? To zip between the Fraud Governor's New Hampshire lakeside manor and the motorcycle races in Loudon? Does Garrity have a WOW sticker on the back of his car?

One last question: did Garrity ever use the equipment when Willard Mitt was in the car?

One last last question: is the Fraud Governor willing to release an entire list of the trips he took in Garrity's car?

Oh yeah, and also (another last last question) would someone please explain why the Frop had a State Police "Official Business" patch, and a billy club emblazoned with the seal of Connecticut?

Or does Garrity need it for a night job?


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