Saturday, May 31, 2003
Romney Ramps Up Patronage Parade

Less than one year ago, the Fraud Candidate was talking tough. "I'm running for governor because I'm as sick and tired of the waste, patronage, and mismanagement as you are," an early TV ad intoned. (Yes, intoned!) (source: Boston Globe, 6/2/2002)

Romney was sick of waste and patronage? Maybe he was just tired of not being able to control waste and patronage. Well, he's making up for lost time.

Yesterday, Team Reform created three new 'executive positions' at the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority, including a chief information officer who will receive an annual salary of between $80,000 and $130,000. And to help pay for these vital poltroons the Authority raised parking fees at its Boston Common Garage to $310 a month. Hourly rates will increase by $2. (source: Boston Globe, 5/31/2003)

The Fraud Governor is creating positions and raising fees; another Bain Capital crony is about to come in from the cold.

Friday, May 30, 2003
Romney Casino Plan AWOL

After stalling for time by saying he wanted to study the issue, the Fraud Governor's plan to legalize casino gambling (or not) is absent without a clue.

This past January, Romney began to duck the casino issue by saying he wanted to see if it would bring in substantial revenue. Romney repeatedly told critics that he would have a position by April. (source: Boston Herald, 12/27/2002)

Well, it is almost June, and Team Reform is still in study hall.

Maybe the Fraud Governor meant April of NEXT year....

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Romney Seeks Tax on Blind

Last year, the Fraud Candidate pulled a 1-800 hotline out of Joe Malone's campaign bag-of-tricks, and asked the public to phone in tips to cut the cost of government. And they just hit pay dirt, because the Fraud Governor is about to crack down on some real free-loaders.

Team Reform has announced that they are going to crack down on rapid transit turnstyle jumpers. And among those in their target sights are (insert trumpet noise here) the blind. Seems as though the sightless have been working a sweet little deal where they have been riding the MBTA for FREE! FREE!

Well, the boon-doggle stops here.

The Fraud Governor has proposed that the Travel ID cards for the sight-impaired will no longer be free. (source: Boston Globe, 5/29/2003) No sir, those free-loading grifters will have to pony up just like everyone else.

Said an aide to Romney's loathsome $150,000 a year spokesman, "the (fraud) governor ran on a platform that he would reform state government and devise a budget that's balanced without raising taxes. Because most of the fees haven't been raised for years, and we needed to ensure that we could pay for services, we needed to raise the fees."

Go get 'em, Fraud Gov. Who can you whack next?

Wednesday, May 28, 2003
Another Bain Hack Joins Team Romney

Despite campaigning on a promise of reform, the Fraud Governor continues to flood state government with friends, hangers-on and former business associates.

The latest 'outsider-insider' to join Team Reform is Adam Kirsch, whom Romney has tapped to join the board of the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority. So what makes Kirsch qualified to sit on the board? He has the best qualification available! He is retired from Bain Capital, which Romney used to head. (source: Boston Globe, 5/28/2003)

I wonder which group of former employees will next flood state government: perhaps the buccaneers from Romney's failed Stage Store empire?

Sunday, May 25, 2003
Romney Admits Fixing Housing Forum

Romney recently admitted to Boston Mayor Tom Menino that his aides stacked a local housing forum with pre-approved, easy questions to help craft his image as a hands-on manager.

The Boston Globe recently reported that "Menino asked Romney how the (fraud) governor had done at a Roxbury forum on affordable housing earlier in the week."

Romney told the Mayor, "Fortunately our guys did a nice job setting it up. They had questions ... that were already approved and polite and not difficult." (source: Boston Globe, 5/25/2003)

Why does Romney's admission not surprise me? Perhaps because it is relatively old news. After all, during campaign 2002, Tim Russert is said to have provided Romney with advanced copies of his October debate questions.

Looks like the Fraud Governor is just continuing to travel a well-worn path.

Saturday, May 24, 2003
Romney Decries, Then Proposes Spending One-Time Revenue

In the wake of news that the federal government would send Massachusetts $550 million in new federal aid over the next two years, the Fraud Governor first said that the money should not be spent on permanent programs, then did a 180 degree back-flip and proposed spending the money on permanent programs.

"We have to keep fighting for reform," Romney told the Boston Globe. "We should not in any way use this one-time infusion (to) put in place permanent increases in spending."

However, he also said that the Legislature should use the 'new money' to fund the $100 million dollar-a-year Prescription Advantage program, which he neglected to fund, and to restore Medicaid programs that he had previously cut. (source: Boston Globe, 5/24/2003)

There you have it. Sayest the Fraud Governor, 'do NOT use temporary revenue to pay for permanent programs; use temporary revenue to pay for permanent programs.'

Sounds perfectly Romneyesque!

Tuesday, May 20, 2003
Romney’s Economic Chief Admits Using Tax Credits to Attract Business

During the 2002 campaign, the Fraud Candidate claimed he would not 'give away the store' to attract businesses to Massachusetts.

"I've spent my life in the economy. I'm someone who knows how the economy grows, why companies decide to move somewhere, why they decide to leave somewhere."

"Some people are only interested in tax breaks. Let them go to Alabama." (source: Boston Globe, 10/1/02, Worcester T& G, 10/10/02)

However, after Fuji Photo Film agreed to expand its presence at Hanscom Air Force Base, the Fraud Governor's economic chief, Robert Posen said "The calls I got personally from the Fuji people suggested very strongly that they wouldn't be expanding in Massachusetts if they didn't get the tax credits they wanted." (source: Boston Globe, 5/9/03)

Welcome to Alabama.

Friday, May 16, 2003
Romney Breaks Promise To Seniors

"Republican gubernatorial (fraud) candidate Mitt Romney yesterday retracted his proposal to eliminate the Executive Office of Elder Affairs, drawing criticism from Democratic rival Shannon P. O'Brien. Romney earlier had proposed a health care reform plan that included consolidating the elder care office with a "hodge-podge" of other state agencies in order to cut costs. Under the new plan, the elder care office would be renamed and have some of its functions changed, but it would retain its Cabinet-level status, Romney said. The candidate changed his mind after criticism from elder advocates." (source: Boston Globe, 8/25/2002)

"Working closely with my Cabinet-level Secretary of Elder Affairs, we will safeguard, improve, and fight for better across the
board services for seniors…" (source: AARP Voters Guide, October 2002)

"I'd like to see a supercharged Office of Elder Affairs, one which goes to work to help the elderly not just deal with a few elderly programs, but with all the programs of state government. This is my view. It's time to bring respect to our senior community." (source: AARP Candidate Forum, Faneuil Hall, 10/23/2002)

The Fraud Governor's reorganization of state government creates a Department of Elder Affairs under the Executive Office of Health and Human Services. (source: Governor's office Executive Summary of the plan to reform, restructure and revitalize government, 5/14/2003)

Romney Adopts Plan He Panned

The Fraud Candidate railed against centralized economic planning, saying "For far too long, economic development has been centered on Beacon Hill." (source: Worcester T&G, 7/25/2002)

The Fraud Governor's planned reorganization of state government includes "a brand new Executive Office to oversee the economic affairs of the Commonwealth." (source: Governor's office Executive Summary of the plan to reform, restructure and revitalize government, 5/14/2003)

Tuesday, May 13, 2003
Romney Breaks Health Care Vow

One of the Fraud Governor’s first promises as Governor has fallen by the wayside, and now threatens the health and welfare of 80,000 senior citizens.

In February, Romney promised to develop a discount drug plan by April 1. The State House News reported that Romney invoked his campaign promise to help seniors pay for drugs, and said “he will create a discount program to reduce the high cost of prescription drugs for all Massachusetts seniors. Romney also said his new plan would allow the Commonwealth to abolish Prescription Advantage, the state’s drug insurance program, if the federal government did not begin sharing the program’s costs. (source: State House News, 4/24/2003)

Wait a minute. Last year, the Fraud Candidate said that he would solve the state’s health care problems by getting the federal government to share costs. But now he says he will create a new plan because the federal government won’t share costs?

Okay. So where’s the new plan?

Well, Romney’s Health and Human Services Secretary, Ronald Preston, has the answer.

“I’m not Rumplestiltskin,” he said. “I can’t spin straw into gold.” (source: SHNS, see above)

Oh. So, there’s no federal cost sharing, and no new plan, right? And your answer is, “you’re not Rumplestiltskin”?

As long as you have an explanation, Secretary.

Next crisis?

Monday, May 05, 2003
Week of May 5, 2003

Romney Rips Inappropriate Globe Columnist, but Protects Inappropriate Press Aide

Saying "It is important for people in public life - in the media, people who are in the sporting world and any place of visibility - to set an example of respect for women and for children," the Fraud Governor ripped a Boston Globe columnist for his comments toward a N.J. Nets player’s wife. Romney also said, "We want to stamp out those attitudes and that kind of inappropriate response anywhere we can find it." (source: Boston Herald, 5/8/2003)

Nicely said. So please explain why, when Romney found out that one of his very married aides was having an affair with a subordinate, did he (Romney) fire the subordinate and protect the aide?

So much for stamping out misogynistic attitudes.

Romney Flips on Smart Growth
Last year, the Fraud Candidate claimed he was for controlled growth across the Commonwealth. He even proposed a new 'greenspace tax' to keep it under control. "Purposeful planning is a concept that will be in the governor's office if I'm elected," Romney said. He also said that he wanted to stimulate development and housing construction "in places that are infrastructure-rich - where we already have highways and transit. These are the places to encourage development - and remote locations, greenspace, is not. Rather than pushing development as far away from the center as possible, I want to bring it back to the center." (source: Boston Globe, 9/22/2002)

That, of course, was then. The Fraud Governor is now saying that he wants to help reduce the cost of housing, and that prices will only go down if home building skyrockets. In fact, as part of his budget proposal, Romney included local aid incentives for cities and towns that cut permitting regulations for new construction, saying “every process has to be streamlined to make it more efficient.” (source: Boston Herald, 5/7/2003)

Local aid incentives for new construction; so much for controlled growth

Romney Flips on State Economic Development
January 22, 2003
(Fraud) Governor Mitt Romney today announced a plan to redirect the focus of the state's Renewable Energy Trust Fund to support economic development as well as the creation of alternative sources of energy that will have a positive environmental benefit. "The Trust Fund has been growing for years, and I believe now is the time to refocus its assets in such a manner that it can become a major economic springboard for the Commonwealth by focusing on job creation in the renewable energy sector," said Romney. (The Fraud Governor) announced the formation of a new $15 million Green Energy Fund to provide equity capital, loans and management assistance to Massachusetts-based renewable energy businesses. The Governor also touted $9 million in new financings to five companies in the forefront of renewable energy development. (source: Gov's Press Office, 1/22/2003)

The Fraud Governor slammed an economic development package offered by Tom Finneran, saying that it would squander scarce resources on grants and loans to businesses and have minimal impact on the Massachusetts economy. The Fraud Governor said the $100 million dollar package would have little influence on business-expansion decisions in the context of the billions in private money that flow to Massachusetts every year for such ventures, and that state money would be better spent elsewhere. "Somehow, the idea of state employees deciding which businesses to invest in is not a model which I would subscribe to," the Fraud Governor told reporters just two and a half months after subscribing to an investment model in which state employees decided which five companies should receive $9 million dollars for renewable energy development. (source: Boston Globe, 4/25/2003)

Romney Shows False Support for Libraries
Saying "libraries provide invaluable services to children and adults. It is appropriate for all Massachusetts citizens to recognize the tremendous impact libraries have on the quality of life in the Commonwealth," the Fraud Governor proclaimed April National Library Month in Massachusetts. (source: Mass. Board of Library Commissioners press release, 4/2/2003)

Romney's FY2004 budget, which was released in January, recommended that the independent Board of Library Commissioners be repealed and library oversight be shunted into the Department of Education.

Draft Dodger Romney Loses Tunnel Naming Fight
The Big Dig Tunnell will be formally named after Tip O'Neill, and not called the Liberty Tunnel which the Fraud Governor has suggested.

An aide to Romney's loathsome $150,000 a year spokesman said, "(Fraud) Governor Romney believes it (would have been) fitting to name our newest tunnel the Liberty Tunnel, in recognition of those individuals who have fought so courageously throughout our Commonwealth's history to protect our freedom." (source: Boston Globe, 5/6/2003)

She, of course, is not referring to Romney, the Fraud Patriot, who, during the Vietnam War, ran to France to escape having to "protect our freedom."

Romney IS The Mess on Beacon Hill
Last year, Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby asked the Fraud Candidate: "William Bulger has never condemned his brother Whitey's crimes, or publicly urged him to turn himself in. Should he do so?" FC replied, "Somehow that old biblical phrase about not being my brother's keeper seems to apply here." (source: Boston Globe, 9/5/2002)

In other words, "no." Yet just eight months later, Romney continually hammers Bulger for not testifying, and (as the Globe points out) portrays Bulger as the embodiment of evil "to continue his (Romney's) crusade against supposed insiderism. That's Republican politics as usual." (source: Boston Globe, 5/6/2003)

Romney's 'hold-your-breath' obstructionism has become The Mess on Beacon Hill, Part IV.

Cosmo Unmasks Tax-Mad Fraud Gov
The Fraud Governor has started to air a series of campaign-style radio ads asking voters to call their legislators and tell them to balance the budget with no new taxes. (source: Boston Herald, 5/4/2003) Groovy. Except the House is already on record as stating that they will not increase taxes, and have taken several votes affirming that stance.

New taxes HAVE been imposed, however. As ace Herald business columist Cosmo Macero reported, the Romney administration has allowed a 400 percent increase for the Underground Storage Tank Assessment, which has resulted in a 2.5 cent increase that taxpayers must fork over at the pump. (source: Boston Herald, 4/25/2003)

Cosmo also uncovered that Romney is employing a nefarious little manipulation of the Turnpike revenue. The Fraud Governor wants to use the state's bonding authority to assume repayment of $ 2.3 billion in Pike and Big Dig debt, giving the Commonwealth a $ 190 million windfall to help offset the current $ 3 billion budget crisis. About $ 134 million of the Pike's $ 400 million in annual toll revenues will be used to reimburse state coffers.

However, the $190M is only a one-time benefit achieved by raiding the Pike's reserve funds. The state then has to assume the Pike’s debt. As Cosmo tells it, the Fraud Governor’s plan contemplates “credit(ing)” the toll money “to the (state) Highway Fund . . . from time to time,” under the direction of A&F.

Which means that future Turnpike tolls could be redirected to the upkeep of nontoll roads and bridges around Massachusetts.

Which means the toll would no longer be a fee, but a highway tax.

Created by your no-new tax Fraud Governor. With an assist from his no-tax Fraud Transportation Secretary, Dan "Failed Treasury Candidate = Hack" Grabauskas. (source: Boston Herald, 5/2/2003)

Romney should re-write his fraudulent ad campaign and double its exposure. Then, maybe, he'd be able to follow his own advice.

Friday, May 02, 2003

Herald: Romney is Coward, Quitter

Saying "his decision to pull back his government reorganization plan because it might be defeated makes it clear that he has absolutely no idea how to win on Beacon Hill", the Boston Herald today called the Fraud Governor everything but a yellow-bellied sapsucker. (source: Boston Herald, 5/2/03)

The Herald's latest assault comes one day after their page-one headline charged that "ROMNEY BLINKED" in his showdown with Bill Bulger. The Fraud Toughguy showed he has nerves of steel by one day later whining to the Globe, "I don't blink." (source: Boston Herald, 5/1/03; Boston Globe, 5/2/03)

Sure sure, Blinky, tell it to someone who cares.

The Herald - which has killed forests defending the Fraud Governor - went on to allude that there may be scandals a-brewin' in the Administration.

"There will never, let us repeat, never, be the kind of political environment allowing for dramatic reform during the rest of Romney's term as there is now. The budget crisis offers a singular opportunity to force change. Romney's dramatic election and the income tax repeal scare will quickly recede in the Legislature's memory and Romney's administration will certainly lose a little of its shine as the inevitable scandals and personnel failings set in.

But most importantly, voters believed Romney when he said he would fight to reform Beacon Hill. Even if he tried and failed, he would retain their support and build a rationale for electing more Republicans to the Legislature. Now he has created the perception that he is not the reformer they voted for." (source: Boston Herald, 5/2/03)

Yes he has. And let me say I'm shocked, SHOCKED that the Fraud Governor has blown his cover ... so quickly.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Romney Flips on State Gov't Re-Org

Just two months ago, the Fraud Governor promised to work with the Legislature to re-organize state government.

The Globe reported that 'While Romney aides stress that the administration now plans to file a single, sweeping restructuring bill, the governor said yesterday that he is open to reconsidering that move. He said he will use whatever approach has the greatest chance of success, raising the possibility of filing several bills. "If there are adjustments that need to be made in order to secure the necessary support, we'll make those adjustments," Romney said. "There are very few times when I'm going to propose something that's locked in concrete, where there's no opportunity for me to learn, or compromise, or fashion adjustments to make it more palatable to a wider group of legislative votes." (source: Boston Globe, 2/19/03)

But yesterday, Romney admitted that he would rather posture and fight a losing battle with the legislature than cooperate and seek real reform.

Responding to legislators who asked that Romney's plan be submitted in smaller parts that can be voted on separately, the Fraud Governor said he will file a single proposal that must be considered on an up-or-down basis. "I'm not going to step aside. I'm going to be in there fighting for the things I believe in. I know some people don't want it that way, but this is a time for change." (source: Boston Globe, 5/1/03)

Romney Now Supports Chapter 40B

Despite railing against Chapter 40B during the election, the Fraud Governor now supports the so-called anti-Snob Zoning Law which forces communities to create affordable housing.

Last year, the Fraud Candidate told the Lawrence Eagle Tribune, "40B is not the answer" as he sought support from suburban voters in the high-growth region near Routes 128 and 495, where town officials are fighting large-scale housing developments. (source: Boston Globe, 7/27/02) But now that the election is over, Romney has changed his tune. He is now virtually endorsing 40B.

"I don't want to do anything that detracts from the creation of affordable housing," the Fraud Governor told a housing symposium at Northeastern University yesterday. Chapter 40B could be made less of a hammer he said, "but we need more housing, not less." (source: Boston Globe, 5/1/03)

That's kind of how I feel about Romney's honesty.


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