Tuesday, May 13, 2003
Romney Breaks Health Care Vow

One of the Fraud Governor’s first promises as Governor has fallen by the wayside, and now threatens the health and welfare of 80,000 senior citizens.

In February, Romney promised to develop a discount drug plan by April 1. The State House News reported that Romney invoked his campaign promise to help seniors pay for drugs, and said “he will create a discount program to reduce the high cost of prescription drugs for all Massachusetts seniors. Romney also said his new plan would allow the Commonwealth to abolish Prescription Advantage, the state’s drug insurance program, if the federal government did not begin sharing the program’s costs. (source: State House News, 4/24/2003)

Wait a minute. Last year, the Fraud Candidate said that he would solve the state’s health care problems by getting the federal government to share costs. But now he says he will create a new plan because the federal government won’t share costs?

Okay. So where’s the new plan?

Well, Romney’s Health and Human Services Secretary, Ronald Preston, has the answer.

“I’m not Rumplestiltskin,” he said. “I can’t spin straw into gold.” (source: SHNS, see above)

Oh. So, there’s no federal cost sharing, and no new plan, right? And your answer is, “you’re not Rumplestiltskin”?

As long as you have an explanation, Secretary.

Next crisis?


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