Friday, May 02, 2003

Herald: Romney is Coward, Quitter

Saying "his decision to pull back his government reorganization plan because it might be defeated makes it clear that he has absolutely no idea how to win on Beacon Hill", the Boston Herald today called the Fraud Governor everything but a yellow-bellied sapsucker. (source: Boston Herald, 5/2/03)

The Herald's latest assault comes one day after their page-one headline charged that "ROMNEY BLINKED" in his showdown with Bill Bulger. The Fraud Toughguy showed he has nerves of steel by one day later whining to the Globe, "I don't blink." (source: Boston Herald, 5/1/03; Boston Globe, 5/2/03)

Sure sure, Blinky, tell it to someone who cares.

The Herald - which has killed forests defending the Fraud Governor - went on to allude that there may be scandals a-brewin' in the Administration.

"There will never, let us repeat, never, be the kind of political environment allowing for dramatic reform during the rest of Romney's term as there is now. The budget crisis offers a singular opportunity to force change. Romney's dramatic election and the income tax repeal scare will quickly recede in the Legislature's memory and Romney's administration will certainly lose a little of its shine as the inevitable scandals and personnel failings set in.

But most importantly, voters believed Romney when he said he would fight to reform Beacon Hill. Even if he tried and failed, he would retain their support and build a rationale for electing more Republicans to the Legislature. Now he has created the perception that he is not the reformer they voted for." (source: Boston Herald, 5/2/03)

Yes he has. And let me say I'm shocked, SHOCKED that the Fraud Governor has blown his cover ... so quickly.


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