Sunday, May 25, 2003
Romney Admits Fixing Housing Forum

Romney recently admitted to Boston Mayor Tom Menino that his aides stacked a local housing forum with pre-approved, easy questions to help craft his image as a hands-on manager.

The Boston Globe recently reported that "Menino asked Romney how the (fraud) governor had done at a Roxbury forum on affordable housing earlier in the week."

Romney told the Mayor, "Fortunately our guys did a nice job setting it up. They had questions ... that were already approved and polite and not difficult." (source: Boston Globe, 5/25/2003)

Why does Romney's admission not surprise me? Perhaps because it is relatively old news. After all, during campaign 2002, Tim Russert is said to have provided Romney with advanced copies of his October debate questions.

Looks like the Fraud Governor is just continuing to travel a well-worn path.


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