Saturday, May 24, 2003
Romney Decries, Then Proposes Spending One-Time Revenue

In the wake of news that the federal government would send Massachusetts $550 million in new federal aid over the next two years, the Fraud Governor first said that the money should not be spent on permanent programs, then did a 180 degree back-flip and proposed spending the money on permanent programs.

"We have to keep fighting for reform," Romney told the Boston Globe. "We should not in any way use this one-time infusion (to) put in place permanent increases in spending."

However, he also said that the Legislature should use the 'new money' to fund the $100 million dollar-a-year Prescription Advantage program, which he neglected to fund, and to restore Medicaid programs that he had previously cut. (source: Boston Globe, 5/24/2003)

There you have it. Sayest the Fraud Governor, 'do NOT use temporary revenue to pay for permanent programs; use temporary revenue to pay for permanent programs.'

Sounds perfectly Romneyesque!


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