Tuesday, May 20, 2003
Romney’s Economic Chief Admits Using Tax Credits to Attract Business

During the 2002 campaign, the Fraud Candidate claimed he would not 'give away the store' to attract businesses to Massachusetts.

"I've spent my life in the economy. I'm someone who knows how the economy grows, why companies decide to move somewhere, why they decide to leave somewhere."

"Some people are only interested in tax breaks. Let them go to Alabama." (source: Boston Globe, 10/1/02, Worcester T& G, 10/10/02)

However, after Fuji Photo Film agreed to expand its presence at Hanscom Air Force Base, the Fraud Governor's economic chief, Robert Posen said "The calls I got personally from the Fuji people suggested very strongly that they wouldn't be expanding in Massachusetts if they didn't get the tax credits they wanted." (source: Boston Globe, 5/9/03)

Welcome to Alabama.


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