Monday, April 04, 2005
Gang of 41,003

GOP GOZ (Grand Old Zombie) Darrell Crate recently reprised the Republican State Committee's Gang of Three advertising campaign, which used a reference to the architects of the Chinese Cultural Revolution - a movement that resulted in the deaths of over 500,000 people - as the whimsical tag line to a political marketing campaign. (source: Boston Herald, 3/19/2005)

This came approximately one month after the 'allegedly pro-business' Fraud Governor swore in Daniel J. O'Shea as an Associate Justice of the Wrentham District Court. (source: SHNS)

According to those who purport to know these things, O'Shea, a one-time corporate lawyer, began his trek toward lifetime sinecure when he was appointed an administrative 'judge' on the the Industrial Accident Board (IAB) by then-Gov. William Weld in 1992.

Hey hey kids, it's time to play Word Disassociation. If 'Judge' is to 'IAB' as 'Mall Cop' is to '101st Airborne' which of the following words does not belong: Industrial Accident Board JUDGE.

Great IAB 'judges' in history: former state Rep. John Bradford (R-Rochester); former state Rep. Frank Woodward (D-Walpole). Neither Bradford or Woodward had legal training. (source: Boston Herald, "Gov gives judge jobs to politically connected," by Eric Fehrnstrom, 7/11/1992)

So what does this all have to do with Darrell Crate's Gang of Three press scree?

At last count, there were over 41,000 state employees in the executive branch. (source: Boston Globe, 12/23/2004) These include social climbers like Daniel O'Shea, lay-abouts like No-Show Angelo Buonopane, and (of course) Romney's $150,000-a-year Loathsome Spokesman.

How many employees were hired since the Purple Revolution 1990 is a state secret. But what's clear is the Pension Pork that Weld, Weld, Cellucci, Swift and Romney have marbled through the dank spider holes and dusty warrens of Ashburton Place, Staniford Street, Washington Street, Somerset Street, and untold golf courses, court houses, hospitals and bowling alleys across the Commonwealth will drain public coffers until 2070 - give or take a couple thousand Option C survivor benefit checks.

Funny how Reformers want smaller government, until they take over.

The Gang of Three? Pah.

The Gang of 41,003. Any more reform and Massachusetts will be out of business.


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