Monday, March 28, 2005
Small Fry

Sign we may not have Romney to kick around anymore:

Team Reform is apparently still using the same standards to vet state government appointments. But the going rate appears to have dropped a wee bit.

Case in point - Renee Fry, Willard Mitt's latest Director of the Department of Business and Technology is a card carrying member of Romney/Healey Inc, having made donations in 2002, 2003 and 2004. It was less the frequency of Fry's largess which caught our eye however, than the amount. Fry gave Sherry Kerry Healey $10 in 2002, and $10 in 2003. She also gave Willard Mitt $10 - but split the donation over two years, giving $5 in 2003 and another $5 in 2004. (source: OCPF)


And for this she gets a Directorship? Too bad she didn't look under the floor mats of her Saab. She was probably 35 quarters, dimes and nickles away from a judgeship.

Prior to joining Team Reform, Fry worked for the Cambridge-based technology company Celarix. (source: Associated Press, 3/21/2005) Celarix made their political bones in 2002 when CEO James Daniell gifted $1000 to Romney/Healey Inc. (source: OCPF)

And now Daniell's protege is atop the Department of Business and Technology pyramid.

Reform works in mysterious ways.

Planning in Advance

Sign we may have Romney to kick around some more:

An unusual ad appeared in a national on-line listing. At last search it was still posted on Bloggersmarket.com. (Go to page two of two, under the heading Advance Coordinator.)

In the event the language is removed, the ad read as follows:

Posted on: 3/21/2005 7:04:45 PM
Posted by: jb (USA - Washington DC - Washington DC - Jobs - Government/Policy)
Advance Coordinator

The Office of Governor Mitt Romney is seeking an individual with political advance and events planning experience. Relocation to Boston is a requirement. Qualified individuals should send a resume and cover letter to commonwealthjobs@hotmail.com

Wait a minute. The Office of Willard Mitt is seeking a political advance (wo)man? Not 'the campaign of,' or the 'state GOP of,' but 'The Office of.' Er, aren't state employees supposed to abjure political work on state time?

Nah. We didn't think so.

GOZ: Grand Old Zombie

Willard Mitt and State GOP Strongman Darrell Crate (aka - the Zombie King) could not have been more emphatic about rebuilding the once morabund state party.

Crate pledged that the GOP would use "the set of values put forward by (Willard) Mitt" to "not only to hold on to the governor's office but to build in the Legislature." (source: Boston Herald, 12/14/2004)

They planned on rebuilding the Party by running candidates throughout Massachusetts. Promised Crate, "Nobody gets a free pass." (source: Boston Globe, 2/20/2005)

So how'd the newly rebuilt GOP do in the recent elections to replace exiting members of the state Legislature?

Not too well.

In fact Romney's resurgent GOP didn't even field candidates in two of the three elections. In the 12th Suffolk they gave the Democrats ... a free pass. (source: Boston Herald, 3/16/2005)

Willard Mitt, the Fraud Governor who would be President, couldn't negotiate any Republicans into running in two state rep races. (Makes you wonder how he'd do against the North Koreans!)

So the GOP is back to running empty slates.

Looks like those Romney values have taken hold.

Quirk Load

In an attempt to divert attention from Willard Mitt's travels away from Massachusetts, State GOP Strongman Darrell Crate let loose a phony release blaming the General Court for doing nothing on a heap of Romney's proposals, including his health care plan - which, ironically, Fraudo has yet to file. (source: source)

For the best take on the state GOP's latest stupidity you can't do better than the good people at Point08 who point out that under the Zombie King, Crate et al raised $3.6 million dollars for the 2004 Congressional campaign cycle, and awarded a measly $385 to one candidate - the immortal Stephen P. O'Malley, Jr, a former aide to Democratic congressman Nick Mavroules. (source: townonline.com)

Which, by comparision, almost makes Willard Mitt's work product as (fraud) governor look slightly less than completely pathetic.



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