Monday, February 21, 2005
The Borrowers

Remember how Willard Mitt stole, er ... plagiarized, er ... paid homage to William Bennett in his 2005 State of the State address?

Looks like old habits die hard in the Corner Office these days.

Team Reform is using several campaign accounts to gin up support for the Fraud Governor as he approaches the 2008 Presidential sweepstakes. They are seemingly trying to convince middle America that the man who some call Governor Gay for paving the way for gay marriage in Massachusetts and who has repeatedly pledged to be a bulwark for women's pro-choice rights is actually a right-wing conservative looking to extend the reign of the House of Bush.

Good luck with that.

One of their accounts is something called the Commonwealth PAC which was reportedly "formed last summer to distribute money to candidates around the country in an apparent attempt to expand Romney's reach." (source: Boston Globe, 2/13/2005)

Why does this sound familiar? Mayhaps because ... someone else thought of it first.

In 1994, a failed Republican Senatorial candidate from Virginia named Jim Miller formed a political-action committee to support GOP candidates for state and local office. Miller hoped to run again in 1996 and used the PAC to keep his name active in political circles. Miller's 1996 primary opponent, Sen. John Warner, accused Miller of using the PAC as an illegal campaign finance scheme. (source: Virginia-Pilot, 5/10/1996)

Oh yeah, the Virginia-based PAC was called the Commonwealth PAC.

And while two percent of the Commonwealth PAC's monies raised did go to help GOP candidates, an over-whelming percentage of its funds were used to pay for consultants who formed the core of Miller's 1996 Senate campaign, for the purchase of computerized lists of political supporters, and vendors who assisted the campaign. (source: Virginia-Pilot, 5/7/1996)

It's unclear if Willard Mitt's adviser, Virginia-based Mike Murphy, had any connection to Jim Miller's Commonwealth PAC, or if Romney will use his Commonwealth PAC to fund other GOP candidates, or his own expenses. What is clear is that the Commonwealth PAC didn't help Miller. He lost his 1996 election.

And despite the fact that Romney appears to have 'borrowed' the PAC from Virginia, not one Virginia Republican received a donation from the account under Romney's direction.

Strangely, the CommonwealthPac.net URL was purchased by a Cambridge resident just days before the Globe story on Romney's Commonwealth PAC was published.

No word yet on whether it will be offered to Miller as a souvenir.


The Republican State Committee stole several Tom Reilly-centric website URL's. Looks like the RSC should have shepherded their resources more wisely, because they let their lord and master's prize URL - Romney08.com - get away.

And someone also grabbed KerryHealey2006.com. Which no one would need if Willard Mitt were truly running for re-election.

Unless Fraudo is planning on running without his Lightweight LG.

Or perhaps she is looking to move on, herself.


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