Friday, January 14, 2005
Romney is a Plagiarist?

Willard Mitt's 2005 State of the State address was less an oration than a rushed litany of bullet points that seemed not as much written as pulled together by a series of marketing focus groups.

It contained, however, one Hallmarkesque line that strove to reach beyond the PowerPoint speak that routinely traps the Fraud Governor:

"Not all teachers can be parents, but all parents must be teachers."

Unfortunately, the unattributed line was written by someone else. And we don't mean a ghost-speech-writer. It belongs to William Bennet ( see paragraph seven) the strong-arm moralizer who was later found to have a weakness for one-arm bandits.

Which begs the answer: of all the right-wing advisers that are out there, why did Willard Mitt feel the need to crib from one of the more prominent hypocrites of the past ten years? Or was Dick Morris not available?


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