Monday, December 19, 2005
Silent Night

It's December, which means it's time for the rabid right to launch their annual Christmas jihad and declare war on Holiday Trees across the land.

Ever the good soldier, Willard Mitt did his part by announcing the lighting of "the official State House Christmas Tree." (source: Office of (Fraud) Gov, 12/9/05)

Which is slightly odd, since the Fraud Governor is a practicing Mormon, and Mormons do not appear to believe that Christ was born on December 25. (source: lightplanet.com) Which begs the answer: what do Mormons celebrate on Christmas if not the birth of Christ? And if Christmas is not a religious celebration to Mormons, why did Willard Mitt use the term "Christmas Tree" instead of "Holiday Tree"?

But we digress.

Back to the Holiday, er ... Christmas Tree.

Willard Mitt made a big deal about lighting the Christmas Tree. But have you been by the State House lately? It's as cheery as ... a Christmas tree in January.

This is not to say that Willard Mitt has a principled stand against decorating the People's House. Just last year, for example, he did the place up Red.

But during 'the most wonderful time of the year' the Building is not festooned in Christmas or Holiday Lights. It's lit up, but just as it is every night be it December, April or July.

So who's the Scrooge who decided not to hang Christmas lights on the State House this year?

Or perhaps the holiday spirit took its direction from the bright blue sign that stands in front of the State House seemingly as a nod to the Fraud Governor's approach to the Commonwealth.


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