Wednesday, December 14, 2005
Romney is a Fluck

Say it ain't so, Fraudo.

Not content with being the Fraud Governor, Willard Mitt is now the weakest beast known to man - and legislator: a Fraud Lame Duck.

Worse, he is a lame duck without portfolio. He *might* run for president. But be honest, when was the last time a Massachusetts elected official cared about the President? (Wait a minute, we don't mean that President. We mean that President.)

If Willard Mitt thought dealing with the Legislature was tough when he had a modicum of juice wait'll Romney gets back into action in January.

Anyway, when push comes to shove, at the end of the day, in the final analysis ... Willard Mitt is outta here. After saying for months that he was not going to be outta here.

What a fittingly mediocre coda.

Who was it said, "I think everybody should be taken at their word"? (source: Boston Globe, 8/8/2003) Yeah, we don't remember either.

"I do expect that I'll be running again as governor."
Willard Mitt Romney, Boston Globe, November 4, 2004

"I made it clear very early on . . . that I'm here all four years and hopefully reelected after that. I will not change my commitment."
Willard Mitt Romney, Boston Globe, November 4, 2004

"I will kick off probably late this coming year for governor, with Kerry Healey working with me. She is a very effective lieutenant governor and under-recognized in some respects."
Willard Mitt Romney, Boston Herald, December 21, 2004

"They say: `Oh he's not going to run again. He's not going to run again,' Well, I've got some news for them: I am going to run again. So come on in, I'm happy to face them. And if they want to think about whether they're going to face an opponent named Romney in the fall, the answer is, yeah, that's what they should plan for."
Willard Mitt Romney, Boston Globe, December 23, 2004

"Of course I am going to run for re-election."
Willard Mitt Romney, WCVB-TV, December 21, 2004

"I will not be a candidate for re-election."
Willard Mitt Romney, Associated Press, December 14, 2005

Big surprise. As someone once said, "Willard Mitt's time is ka-put; his footprint looks to be as lasting as a gull's at low-tide." (source: RiaF, 4/18/2005)

Zounds. So what happens next?

We'll think of something.


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