Thursday, April 14, 2005
Good-Bye, Mr. Chieps

Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. It's official. Charles Chieppo, once a respected researcher with the Beacon Hill Institute, and Boston Herald columnist, is now but a simple harlot.

A painted barrack hack. A bimmy. A boong-moll. A burlap-buddy. A canvas-back. A coffee-grinder. A flag-about. A flash-tail. A chippy. A company-man. A door-keeper. A fast-fanny. A flatbacker. A floosie. A hat-rack. A hunt-about. A lease-piece. A low-heel. A night-jobber. A pavement-prince. A pintle-twister. A raspberry-tart. A receiver-general. A scarlet-sam. A strumpet. A vent-renter. A vice-man. A window-tapper. A zook.

Charlie Chiep is now a public sector public relations hack. Hired to put a decent face on Romney's environmental policies and Convention Center bloviations. His rental price: a middling $10,000. (source: PRWatch.org)

So tell us, Chuck, now that you're officially on the take, how long have you been on the take?

Boy are we dumb. Back in 2002 when Chieppo was with the Pioneer Institute and blowing kisses at Willard Mitt's proposal to sell the Hynes, we thought he was humping Romney's proposal to sell the Hynes. (source: Boston Globe, 6/20/2002) And when he was blowing kisses at Willard Mitt's proposal to overhaul Health and Human Services, we thought he was humping Romney's proposal to overhaul Health and Human Services. (source: Boston Herald, 10/15/2002) And when he was blowing kisses at Willard Mitt's proposal to whack the anti-privatization Pacheco Law we thought he was humping Romney's proposal to whack the Pacheco Law. (source: Boston Herald, 5/26/2003)

But now that he's been given $10,000 to write op-ed pieces for Team Reform (source: Boston Globe, 4/8/2005) it just looks like Chuck was just blowing kisses at Willard Mitt.

David Farrell, please come home. All is forgiven. (source: Boston Globe, 3/7/1986)


So how do you think this'll play in South Carolina?

Willard Mitt's pollster (source: Boston Herald, 3/21/2002), Arthur J. Finkelstein - aka "The Godfather of Dirty Politics," an ultra-conservative right-wing bag of soft gooey mush that gave a bad name to soft gooey mush, married his male partner of 40-years last December. (source: Boston Globe, 4/10/2005)

Too subtle for you? Howsabout this: Arthur Finkelstein - a Grand Imperial Wizard in the Lost Army of Joe Malone and Willard Mitt's own pollster (source: Boston Herald, 3/21/2002) not only supports gay marriage - he is now IN a gay marriage.


So what's next: shadowy revelations that Romney's $150,000-a-year Loathsome Spokesman isn't really Loathsome?


Some things just can't change.


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