Thursday, January 06, 2005
Profiles in Underwear

Hey hey, kids, it's a brand new year. But while you and yours are bravely carving out new frontiers, Willard Mitt is clinging to his rudderless auld ways, and displaying his trademark profiles in courageousless-ness.

Romney recently announced that he had a plan to recover monies from the Big Dig. He said that he'd boldly establish a bi-partisan commission to appoint a special prosecutor for the task. (source: Boston Globe, 12/29/2004)

Several days later he tossed his plan in the hopper saying he'd support a Democratic plan 'to put Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly in charge of pursuing refunds for botched work on the Big Dig.' (source: Boston Globe, 1/4/2005)

Then he said he'd file his own plan after all - a plan that would not put Reilly in charge of the recovery efort. (source: Boston Globe, 1/4/2005)

Hey Fraudo, tell us again how John Kerry flip-flopped on major issues, will you? (source: Worcester T&G, 9/2/2004)

But that's not the best part. After showing that his new leadership is as weak as his old leadership, Romney also demonstrated how the new year has done nothing to erase the yellow stripe that mars his nattily tailored back.

Willard Mitt decided to whack state employee sick leave banks. But rather than face an angry workforce himself, Romney made his Lightweight LG Sherry Kerry Healey announce the change.


Decisive? Not too much. Courageous? Not too much. Presidential? Maybe. At least that's what someone appears to be thinking.

For while Willard Mitt was ducking and dodging, someone over at Cafepress (aka - Good Guys for Bush) let loose a whole mess-o-Willard-Mitt-orabilia.

We know what you're thinking: this is a joke, right?

Wrong-o. Because look at what the Rat dragged in:

Willard Mitt 2008 collectibles!

These gifts are obviously quality products. Several even appear to not have been imported from overseas sweatshops!

Our favorite, commemorating the most moral man in Massachusetts, is the "I love My (fraud) Gov Romney" thong. Good guys for Bush, indeed.

And check out that groovy slogan. "Honesty and integrity?"

Guess "Weak leadership and cowardice" wouldn't fit on the button.


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