Monday, January 10, 2005
Lunch Meat

According those those who purport to know these things, the Massachusetts Republican State Committee had planned to sponsor a luncheon (with Willard Mitt as the headliner) at the Union House in Boston to curry favor with members who would be voting for the state Party Chair. Romney, of course, is hoping that GOP Strongman Darrell Crate will be returned to his august post. (So are many Democrats who watched as Crate drove Team Reform's 2004 legislative election campaign into the sewer (after running it from the gutter, but we digress).)

The state GOP are set to hold their Strongman strawpoll this week. So, Willard Mitt and friends scheduled their 'here's some food now promise us your vote' shin-dig for last week - Friday, January 7. Invitees were asked to RSVP by Monday, January 3.

Unfortunately, as of Tuesday morning (January 4) only nine of the eighty members were said to have RSVP'd that they would attend.

Nine! To save face, the state Committee decided to cancel the lunch and replace it with a dinner to be held at a later date.

Here's hoping they pick a headliner who is able to attract a crowd.

Strongman Crate's inability to run a successful election campaign has seemingly done little to dampen his ability to access the Corner Office, however. At the last Republican State Committee meeting Crate was allegedly heard to announce that "anyone who is interested in appointments to state boards or commissions should talk to me."

Nice to see that the Clean-Up of the Mess on Beacon Hill is continuing on schedule.

Which brings us to our "Rat the Hack" contest of 2005. The first person to send us the name of a Republican State Committee member (or RSC member family member) who receives a verifiable appointment to a Massachusetts state board or commission will receive a nifty prize - a can of lunch meat, the flavor and brand to be determined by the RiaF Nifty Prize Committee. Said hack must be a new appointment; re-appointees are not eligible for said nifty-osity. (For prize claiming purposes, said hack will be deemed "verified" once their name appears on an official (either physical or electronic) document.) The usual RiaF confidentiality rules will apply.

Ladies and gentlemen: start your dimes.


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