Thursday, December 23, 2004
Reform Christmas

I'm dreaming of a Reform Christmas
Just like that which was promised me.
Where no hacks are hired
Or workers fired
For reasons but of policy.

I'm dreaming of a Reform Christmas
Where full-day k-school is proposed.
And $10 mill not vetoed
Or schools torpedoed
Because a 'loop-hole' wasn't closed.

I'm dreaming of a Reform Christmas
Where five percent becomes the tax.
And where Fraudo's word is not gas.
For on that he said that he may pass.

I'm dreaming of a Reform Christmas
And hoping Romney gets a raise,
'cause each dime to which he says 'nay'
is one more his Spokesman gets to play.

Have Yourself A Team Reform(er) Christmas

Have yourself a Willard Romney Christmas.
Don’t drink any beer.
Try to pretend looking like you are sincere.

Have yourself a Kerry Healey Christmas.
This is what we mean:
Do whatever you want you will not be seen.

(Loathsome Spokesman stay close to home.
Get thee near a phone. Be true.
Never know when that Joe Malone
Will seek out a job, from you.)

As for you, failed state rep. Judith Judson
You're our answered prayer;
Now that you're in all the others will compare.

They're sure to cause an Angry Eric Kriss-mess time.


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