Monday, December 06, 2004
A Bridge Too Fraud

Shortly after Team Reform's 2004 Election Day Drubbing, Romney's $150,000-a-year Loathsome Spokesman spat that "(Willard Mitt) is the only bridge Massachusetts has to the White House and a strengthened Republican majority in both houses of Congress." (source: Boston Globe, 11/4/2004)

So that explains it.

In 2002-2003 Massachusetts received $90.2 million from the federal goverment for fuel assistance, but will only receive $74.2 million in 2003-2004. The maximum fuel assistance grant in 2002-2003 was $745; it will equal $527 this year. (source: Boston Globe, 12/5/2005)

And Romney is the only bridge between Massachusetts and Washington DC. Now that's funny.

Since the Fraud Governor took office, there has been a Republican President and a Republican congress. Looks like the Romney Bridge needs some serious maintenance. Someone should place it on Team Reform's long-promised-yet-not-delivered rank listing of capital spending projects throughout the Commonwealth.

The Not-Quite-Long-Enough Romney Bridge will nicely compliment the Weld/Cellucci/Romney Leaky Tunnel.


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