Monday, November 15, 2004
Job Open As Jobs Close

Willard Mitt had a plan. He said that he would spend the first 60 days of his adminstration "as the state's 'top salesman,' traveling around the country to persuade companies to move to Massachusetts." (source: Boston Globe, 11/3/2002) He also pledged to "create regional advisory boards" to help him target local economies. (source: Lawrence Eagle Tribune, 11/3/2002)

Groovy. So how's the job creation going there, Fraudo?

Not so hep. At least not according to the US Small Business Association who ranked the Commonwealth 47th in the change of employer "births" in 2003. According to the SBA, only 18,984 new employers were founded during Willard Mitt's first year in office. This is down from 21,262 "births" during the last year of Jane Swift's (R-StandardBearer) administration. Not surprisingly, more employers in Massachusetts closed their doors during Romney's first year than opened their doors. Fully 21,870 employers went under in 2003, versus 20,927 in 2002. (source: Commonwealth, Fall 2004)

So what happened to Romney's regional approach to economic survival? Who knows? Barbara Berke, who "spearheaded" the formulation of Team Reform's regional economic advisory councils quit on September 10th. (source: Boston Globe, 8/25/2004) The Fraud Governor has not yet seen fit to name her successor.

Looks like Team Reform doesn't think regional economic development is important anymore.

We know of 130-odd people who are hoping otherwise.


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