Tuesday, November 23, 2004
The Fine Print

Yesterday we wrote of Willard Mitt's supposed "Health Care Plan" wherein he proposed to improve access to health insurance at no cost to the taxpayers.

So guess which carrots and sticks Team Reform wants to use to bludgeon compliance with their vision?

"(Fraud) Governor (Willard) Mitt Romney said yesterday that he envisions a range of penalties for businesses that fail to provide health insurance, such as forcing them to pay a higher minimum wage, banning them from doing business with state agencies, or slapping a decal on their window to publicize their refusal." (source: Boston Globe, 11/23/2004)

Pay a higher minimum wage? And this is not an additional cost to taxpayers?

To prove that the plan was business friendly, Romney trotted out Burnin' Bill Vernon, a Dan Shaughnessy-look-alike who, when he is not campaigning for Republican candidates, is the state director of the National Federation of Independent Business. As a spokesperson for Romney policy Vernon, who is a former director of the Republican State Committee, has all the credibility of ... Willard Mitt.

In this case, however, even Vernon's boosterism was lackluster: "Any time we move toward a more market-based solution to the problem, that's a good step. We in this state have always tended to look more at government mandates and more taxpayer money as the solution."

And forcing your membership to choose between paying health insurance or higher minimum wages is not a government mandate?

Oh yeah, and since when is raising the minimim wage a penalty? The last time Romney was going on the record about salaries, he purported to support increasing the minimum wage.

But that's not the best part. As the Globe reported, "Romney says that he is open to discussions with leading legislators, and that he hopes to forge a consensus with them and craft a joint plan, rather than file a bill of his own." (source: Boston Globe, 11/23/2004)

Rather than file a bill of his own.

The Fraud Governor has a plan to reform health care, but he won't commit it to paper.

Looks like someone doesn't want the fine print to bite him in the ambition down the road.

RiaF looks forward to Romney's next reforms: restructuring the nation's transportation system, and ending the war in Iraq. Both without any costs to the taxpayer. Op-ed editors are standing by.


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