Monday, October 11, 2004
Romney Signs Off Promise

So when was the last time you moved your multi-million dollar corporation across the country and brought jobs to a new state? And what motivated that policy? Was it enhanced business infrastructure? A better work-force? Or a dopey bill-board you saw next to a highway?

Because if you can believe their bleating, Team Reform is making good on Willard Mitt's promise to recruit new employers to Massachusetts by renting several billboards in California. Bill-boards which, coincidentally, prominently feature ... Willard Mitt.


Hey, Fraudo, remember how you said you'd never put your name on an official sign? Remember that quote wherein you bloviated that putting names on signs is "a waste of money to use taxpayers' funds to create monuments to the egos of public officials." (source: Worcester T&G, 1/15/2003)

Yeah, we don't either.

So how effective are billboards as business development tools? Not very, according to the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation's chief economist who recently said that billboard campaigns are more valuable as newsmakers than job creators. (source: LA Daily News, 10/6/2004)

Which begs the answer: if the Fraud Governor's billboard campaign is not necessarily aimed at attracting new employers, what is it trying to attract?

Howsabout ... attention.

For months now, Willard Mitt has been focussed on a larger stage, and been campaigning for the national GOP across the country. Conventional wisdom holds that Romney is looking at casting his pinched cap into the ring in 2008.

So what better way to raise his national profile than paste his pasty mug on billboards? And with taxpayer funds, at that. Looks like someone in room 360 was paying attention to Andrea Cabral.

Someone who purports to know these things has alleged that the Fraud Governor picked California as a test market and, if it survives the laugh test, will post billboards in other states. (source: someone who purports to know these things)

The only question now is how will Team Reform figure out where to locate the next round of recruiting posters? And who will get their billboard first, Iowa or New Hampshire?


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