Thursday, October 07, 2004

In 1994, Willard Mitt's campaign literature said he opposed Political Action Committees. (source: Boston Globe, 5/17/1994)

But his bank account said otherwise.

Despite claiming to oppose PACs, Romney took monies from
-Brown & Root (Brownbuilders PAC);
-Senate Victory Fund PAC;
-Strobl and Manoogian PC PAC;
-National Federation of Independent Business Free Enterprise PAC;
-National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors PAC;
-Americans Bakers Association Bread PAC;
-AmericanNational Can Co. Employees Good Gov't Committee;
-AMP Incorporated PAC;
-Electrical Construction PAC;
-English Language PAC;
-Kemper Corp. PAC;
-Morton Building Inc. PAC;
-Nationwide PAC;
-Pier I Imports Federal PAC;
-Flowers Industries PAC;
-General Mills PAC; and several others whose names we got bored typing. (source: Federal Election Commission, 1993-1994, Candidate Index of Supporting Documents)

Now that the Fraud Governor has launched his jihad to return reformers like Ned Kirby to the State House (see RiaF, 9/23/2004) he has pulled out all the stops and activated a federal PAC, the Massachusetts Republican State Congressional Committee, to collect " contributions" on behalf of the state GOP.

Setting aside the fact that Romney is using a Congressional PAC to raise money for the GOP state committee, Romney is using a a Congressional PAC to raise money for the GOP state committee.

So who would give to this pyramid scheme? Aside from this list of GOP groupies.

And in case anyone is wondering what these donors are getting for their money, if you scroll to the bottom of the page you'll see a list of political candidates who received funding during this election cycle.

It includes ... no one.

This is not to say that the Massachusetts Republican State Congressional Committee PAC has never given to congressional candidates. In 2002 the PAC gave over $100,000 to Jo Ann Sprague and Charlie McCarthy.

But since Romney took over the operation it has taken in $3,453,675.00, paid out $2,959,951.00, and made contributions to ... no one.

So who got the $2.9 million? Published reports indicate it went to GOP junior strongmen Dom Ianno and Tim O'Brien, GOP finance director and former Joe Malone capo Steve Roche, and maybe even the seemingly unemployable Tag Romney. (source: Boston Phoenix, 7/15/2004)

This, of course, begs the answer: if a federal PAC incorporated to raise monies for congressional candidates uses those funds instead to pay the salaries of state GOP operatives, is it illegal, or just fraudulent?

And how do you spell shell-game?


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