Thursday, October 14, 2004
Food Stumps

Proving Healey's Theorem once again (if Sherry Kerry is involved, it's got to be bad news), Team Reform forced Romney's Lightweight Lieutenant Governor front and center to accept an 'award' from the US Department of Agriculture "for getting food stamps to needy families more quickly than any other state in the nation." (source: office of (fraud) gov, "Romney Administration wins $1.25M for efficiency," 9/29/2004)

Healey claimed that "through hard work and reform, Massachusetts is tops in the nation for connecting needy families with food stamps. We will continue to do everything we can to provide outstanding service as efficiently as possible to families across the Commonwealth."


Now for the real story.

Massachusetts is last, dead last, among all states in the numbers of eligible food stamp recipients who are actually enrolled in the program.

The Commonwealth ranks fifty-first (that's 51st to those who don't like reading numbers) out of the fifty united states. (Pssst, the list includes the District of Columbia.)

Only 40 - 50 percent of eligible Massachusetts residents who qualify for food stamps are participating in the program. This doesn't mean that Romney has "reformed" people off the program - it means he's failed to get the program to eligible persons.

By way of measure, check out the participation percentages of the other New England states:

In ME, 75-88 percent of persons eligible for food stamps are in the program.
VT has 68-77 percent of eligible persons in the program.
RI has 61-73 percent of eligible persons in the program.
CT has 61-72 percent of eligible persons in the program.
NH has 49-61 percent of eligible persons in the program.
MA has 40-50 percent of eligible persons in the program.


Which means that, aside from the food that is going untapped, Massachusetts is passing up millions of dollars in federal aid that its citizens are otherwise eligible to receive.

But we got an award.

No wonder Romney let Healey receive the honor. Even he must have been too embarrassed to stand up for that one.

Grease Stain

Seems The Sausage Guy is being accused of being a smut peddler by some residents of Boston. They've taken umbrage at his corporate logo which shows a woman suggestively "riding a rocket"." (source: Boston Herald, 10/13/2004)

So why are we not surprised that The Sausage Guy is a Friend of Fraudo?

Back when Willard Mitt sat on the board of Marriott International, he did nothing to stem the flow of porn-on-demand which brought millions into Marriott coffers.

Perhaps Romney, who was described as an " active, hands-on Director" at Marriott, gave The Sausage Guy some pointers on how to 'sex up' his business.

Here's hoping they both wore gloves.


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