Tuesday, September 28, 2004
Winslow Home

Where's Boz Skaggs when you need him?

We have a question: how did you like the Daniel Winslow era?

(It's over, it's over now)

Remember when the Fraud Governor announced that he was naming Winslow, who was then a district court judge, his legal counsel? Romney said "it's rare that a sitting judge steps away from a lifetime tenured job to do something in another sphere of public service." (source: Boston Globe, 12/4/2002)

(Yes you heard me clearly now, I said It's over, it's over now)

So much for rarity. Daniel Winslow has had enough.

Winslow has been replaced by the immortal Mark Nielsen, a failed Republican congressional candidate from ... Connecticut.

Wow. Have we really chummed through all of the eligible failed Republican candidates in Massachusetts? Do we really have to start importing other states losers?

Enough about Nielsen. We'll make fun of him later.

Today it's all about you, Dan Winslow.

(cue maudlin music)

Dan Winslow. Your bona fides as a Romney Reformer were impeccible. First, counsel to Willard Mitt's 1994 US Senate Campaign Committee, then counsel to the Republican State Committee, you were a hack's hack. A coat-holder to the stars who became ... a star. Then became the stuff of legend - you gave up your lifetime tenured job in the name of ...public service. (source: Boston Globe, 12/4/2002)

Which you could stomach for only two years.

And which you are leaving so that you can again grab ... a lifetime tenured job.

Because if the wise guys can be believed, Dan Winslow wants to be a judge. (source: Rat Line) Again.

So much for that paeon to Winslow's display of rarity.

There's just one problem. Since Winslow left the bench in 2002, the judicial nominating process has been 'reformed.' Much to Winslow's impending chagrin, Willard Mitt has implemented a 'radical shift' in the way judges are named - replacing (as one described it) "the existing patronage-heavy system with a 'merit-based' selection process." (source: Boston Herald, 12/20/2002)

(Dan, stop screaming. You're bothering the pets.)

In short, the Fraud Governor no longer has the ability to grease a judicial appointment.

Or so he says.

We say, let Winslow be the test case. If Romney's former legal counsel wants to get a judgeship, he can go to the back of the line, joining the other faceless, nameless candidates who have already submitted their names and are patiently waiting for a call from the Judicial Nominating Committee.

But if Winslow suddenly pops to the head of the line, it will be apparent that the process is less nameless or faceless than it has otherwise been described.

Strangley, when Romney's 'reform' was being designed, one local Republican said the then current judicial nominating system raised a "question of public confidence" and that Willard Mitt had to "address the sense of concern that the judiciary is dispirited," to create a process "that is above politics and above back-room deals." (source: Boston Herald, 12/20/2002; Boston Globe, 2/10/2003))

Dan Winslow: this reform's for you.

(It's over, it's over now)

Feeding Frenzy

This may be better suited for what used to be Silly Globe, but last week when a Great White shark was sighted off Woods Hole, media reports first listed the eating machine at 15-feet, 1,700 pounds, then 15-feet, 2,000 pounds, and finally, on Sunday, an incomprehensible 14-feet, 7,000 pounds. (source: Boston Globe, 9/24/2004, 9/26/2004; Cape Cod Times, 9/25/2004)

What the heck are Willard Mitt's Environmental Police feeding that thing! And in exchange for the free food and escort service, is Romney forcing the shark to go to school or hold down a job?


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