Thursday, September 02, 2004

Willard Mitt did the Party thing last night and gave his big speech in support of George W. (source: NYTimes.com, 9/1/2004)

Forgive us for laughing. This was the best he could do?

Too bad Willard Mitt blew his ghost-writing money on "his" book. He should have saved some cash and purchased a decent speech.

For the record, Romney began his remarks with a lie:

"I'm proud to be from Massachusetts, where John Kerry will be the junior
senator until 2008."

Romney was born in Michigan. He is not from Massachusetts.

Romney's speech was hyped on something called All American Patriots.com.

Willard Mitt may be many things, but he is not a patriot.

Romney's speech included the following line: "Throughout our history, when our country needed us, Americans have stepped forward, standing up to every challenge."

This despite the occurance that during the Vietnam War, when his country needed him, Willard Mitt did not step forward, rather he stepped to the right - way right - and went to France and dodged the draft. (source: Lawrence Eagle Tribune, 3/24/2002)

And what was John Kerry doing while Romney worked his way through his pastry sampler? Kerry was serving two tours in Vietnam.

Which made Romney's Vietnam reference all the more naked.

"I respect (Kerry's) four months under enemy fire," Romney told the Convention. (source: NYT, 9/1/2004)

Sure sure. And we respect Romney's collection of Jacques Brel eight-track tapes.

But perhaps Romney's most pathetic moment came when he decided to invoke the imagery of 9/11 by speaking of the Ground Zero flag that was carried into the Salt Lake City Olympic stadium.

In 1994, when a debating Sen. Ted Kenendy made a veiled reference to the damage guns have had on his family when answering a question on gun control, Willard Mitt said "That's the last resort each time the subject comes up." (source: Boston Herald, 10/28/1994)

To which we can on say that with respect to Romney's revisionist history of the George W's Administration which focussed little beyond on 9/11, 'that's the last resort each time the subject comes up.'

So we were hardly surprised to learn that so many Massachusetts Republicans, like Lawrence Novak - a delegate from Brockton, are lining up to proffer early support to New Yorker Rudy Giuliani for the top GOP spot in 2008. "I have nothing against (Willard) Mitt Romney, but I think Giuliani’s shown leadership," Novak recently told the Associated Press, implying that Romney has not shown leadership. (source: AP, 8/22/2004)

Giuliani's bio indicates that he took the classic Republican path of least resistence during the Vietnam War, and appears to have received education deferments (aka - the Cheney Way.) However, to his marginal credit, Giuliani stayed in the United States during the Vietnam years and did not flee to Canada, Switzerland or France in an effort to preserve his career options.

Ben Franklin went to France during an American war - on behalf of the American people. Willard Mitt went to France to save his career options. Ben Franklin was an American patriot. Willard Mitt is no Ben Franklin.

On Tuesday, unidentified Republicans were hyping Willard Mitt's speech to the Convention, telling Dan Rather to "keep your eyes and ears open for Mitt Romney's convention speech Wednesday night." (source: CBS News.com, 8/30/2004)

After watching Romney sink in his miasma of petulent Party prose, we've figured out who Rather's tipsters may have been: Novak and Giuliani.

They wanted to get Romney out of the way early!


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