Friday, September 17, 2004
Dunn Deal

The Revolution appears to be over.

Last April, Willard Mitt's hand-picked, jack-booted political gauleiter Alex Dunn stood with the Fraud Governor and introduced 133 Republicans who were said to be running in 130 districts in the November elections.

Dunn claimed that the candidates were recruited "in a very methodical, grassroots manner." (source: Boston Globe, April 30, 2004)

Perhaps he should have used a different methodology. Because Dunn today all but called the Class of 2004 a pack of losers, estimating that only 24 - 30 of the 'reformers' would win their races. (source: Boston Globe, 9/17/2004)

Yikes. Dunn recruited 133 Republican candidates, yet thinks only 24 - 30 will win?

That means that Dunn is admitting to methodically recruiting up to 109 losers. That's an 80 percent failure rate.

That's not even close enough for government work.

So, we're curious: who are the sainted 24? More importantly, who are the 109 stumble-bums who were used by Willard Mitt as press conference fodder?

And when will they get their next work assignment?


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