Wednesday, August 04, 2004
Where's Willard?

On Monday, Homeland Security Field Marshall Tom Ridge declared the most specific Terror Alert in the history of Homeland Security, saying that terrorists might be plotting attacks in New York, Washington or Newark, N.J. (source: Boston Globe, 8/3/2004)

So how did Willard Mitt make sure that the citizens of the Commonwealth were safe during this period of critical awareness?

By holding a book signing in Utah, of course. (source: Boston Globe, 8/3/2004)

The Fraud Governor, sensitive to a recent ethics complaint that charged him with using public resources to campaign for President George W. Bush (see RiaF, 7/16/2004) claimed that he and his three-person entourage were using vacation time to publicize the book (which even a friendly Utah reviewer pronounced "remarkably dull." (source: Boston Globe, 8/3/2004))

According to the Executive Office of Administration and Finance, Massachusetts state employees with less than 4.5 years of service are eligibleto accrue one vacation day for each month that they are employed, up to 12 days.

Romney, who first joined the state workforce in January, 2003, has "earned" 16 vacation days. He used some last summer in New Hampshire and more last winter for a trip to Utah.

So how much time vacation time does Romney has left, or has he exceeded his limit?

And couldn't Romney have done more for Massachusetts' security than leave town during the height of this unprecedented alert?

The fact that Tom Ridge used years old information to justify the alert is no excuse.

Rather than flee the state, Romney could have taken similar Ridgian steps to warn Deerfield residents of possible Indian attacks, or residents of Concord and Lexington that British regulars may soon march.


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