Monday, August 23, 2004
Crate-zy Talk Redux

Time flies when you're incompetent.

It's not even been six weeks since state GOP strongman Darrell "I am not a hack" Crate issued his "you should not use the State Ethics Commission and the Office of Campaign and Political Finance to generate political headlines" pronouncement. (source: Letter from GOP (Strongman) Crate Regarding filed complaint, 7/20/2004; RiaF, 8/2/2004)

So guess what the GOP did last week? If you guessed 'file ethics charges against local candidates for the state legislature, then plant stories in an area newspaper heralding the fact' you win! (source: Boston Herald, 8/19/2004)

Looks like the new GOP strongman Tim O'Brien is finding out what Deadman Dom Ianno learned before he was Peter Principled to Rob Gray's elephant graveyard: when given the choice, go negative. It beats trying to make the case for a 'Romney reformer' any day.

It's the breasts, stupid

How do you measure a candidate for the legislature? Particularly if they've never served in office before? The easiest way is to examine their public statements, and the people with whom they associate.

Which should give Republicans in Worcester pause for concern.

Seems that Robi Blute wants to be a state Senator, and is running for the Glodis seat.

So what can we learn from Blute's public statements?

Well, in 2000, Blute, whom the Worcester T&G once called "erratic" (source: Worcester T&G, 8/22/1999) made noise about running against then Lt. Gov. Jane Swift (R - FlagBearer). (source: Worcester T&G, 3/7/2000) Which means she's not exactly a 'good Republican' in the Ronald Reagan sense of the 11th Commandment.

And in 1999, Blute purportedly exposed herself to a Herald reporter on WRKO Radio, criticizing a local stuntwoman saying "God ... my breasts are bigger than hers." (source: Worcester T&G, 8/22/1999)

Despite her vocal oddities, Blute's bona fides appear to be in order, at least as far as Team Reform is concerned: back in 1998, Robi Blute was a charter member of the Joe Malone Army of Darkness. Blute backed Malone against then Gov. Paul Cellucci. (source: Worcester T&G, 8/19/1999)

However, if Blute's personal qualifications don't undermine her candidacy, her staff's may. Blute has hired David Segalini as her campaign operations manager. Could this be the same David Segalini who famously argued that ex-convicts have a right to privacy?

If so, Blute could articulate Willard Mitt's thesis that the Commonwealth should go easy on crime and criminals.

And when she loses her race, she'll be perfectly groomed to take a position in Willard Mitt's new world order.


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