Monday, August 09, 2004
But Check

For months the message was the same: Willard Mitt was going nowhere fast.

In February, the Fraud Governor said it himself: "I am planning to be in this position all four years, maybe eight if I am lucky enough to be reelected. I fought long and hard for this job, and I am not going to give it up." (source: Boston Globe, 2/20/2004)

It was repeated by his $150,000-a-year Loathsome Spokesman: "The (fraud) governor's plan is to serve out his four years and then run for reelection." (source: Boston Globe, 3/24/2004)

Even former wrestling aficionado, Romney insider Charlie Manning was recruited to pass the pabulum, mewling "the only thing on his radar screen is to run for reelection as (fraud) governor." (source: Boston Globe, 5/28/2004)

Which made the weasel word used recently by a Romney spokestool so noteworthy. Responding to media inquiries as to his Lord and Master's future intentions, Romney's $150,000-a-year Loathsome Spokesman said, "The (fraud) governor expects to be a candidate for reelection, but we have nothing to formally announce at this early stage." (source: Boston Globe, 8/8/2004)

The spokestool was unable to explain why August, which falls after February, March and May, is too early for a commitment that Team Reform seemingly made in February, March and May.

Lightweight Lieutenant Governor Sherry Kerry Healey could not be resuscitated for comment.


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