Thursday, August 12, 2004
All Pork Is Local

Earlier this week Willard Mitt got to do what he does best.

No, not go on "vacation," but that was a lovely guess.

Willard Mitt got to "posture."

On Tuesday, the Fraud Governor signed a transportation bond bill that had been making its way through the system. However, he vetoed part of the bill because 'it was stuffed with hometown projects for state lawmakers.' (source: Boston Globe, 8/11/2004)

In fact, in Romney's 'letter regarding the transportation bond' Willard Mitt wrote, "after appropriate review, only those authorized projects that meet my rigorous criteria will move forward. I commit to spend well less than half of this authorization." (source: Office of (fraud) gov, "Letter regarding transportation bond, 8/10/2004)


So where was this fiscal watchdog last April when the Fraud Process-Maven's Belmont manse seemingly came in for special consideration from that town's Capital Budget Committee? The project, which was estimated at $172,000, was "slipped" into a road-repaving program, and was the program's only earmark. (source: Boston Herald, 4/23/2004)

Oh yeah, and the $172,000 Solution was scheduled ahead of other existing projects "as a favor to the (fraud) governor." (source: Boston Herald, 4/23/2004)

Presumably Romney was too busy "writing" his ghostwritten book to rail against that particular bit o' waste, fraud and abuse of power.


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