Tuesday, July 20, 2004
Dust Cover

Remember the last time you were elected governor of Massachusetts and wanted to write a book about your sabbatical out west?

How you found that you had so little "me time" that you had to go out and hire a ghost writer to do the pesky job of 'writing' the book?

Well, too bad you weren't Willard Mitt. Because the Fraud Governor just put the finishing touches on Turnaround: Crisis, Leadership, and the Olympic Games, a 416-page opus that reviews Romney's role as chef of the Salt Lake City Winter Games of 2002, an event that Sports Illustrated called "the most expensive Winter Games ever" from which "eighteen cents of every dollar (came) from the pockets of American taxpayers."

No wonder Romney hasn't been able to travel around the country seeking companies willing to relocate to Massachusetts. He hasn't had time.

So guess which fair and impartial publishing house worked with Willard Mitt on Turnaround?

If you said Regnery Publishing, you were cor-rect!

Regnery Publishing was founded for "the propagation of conservatism." Today it is owned by Eagle Publishing which "provides political news and analysis from a conservative viewpoint."

Romney now joins the Regnery stable of writers, which includes fellow-travelers like Ann Rhymes with "Hate-Spewing-Queen-of-the-Harpies" Coulter and Oliver North.

Willard Mitt must be very proud.

Which begs the following answers:

1) Why did Willard Mitt outsource "his book" to out-of-state Regnery? Guess he couldn't find any publishing houses near Boston. At least none that pander to right-wing, reactionary religious zealots.

2) Why did Regnery publish "Romney's book"? After all, Regnery's parent, Eagle Publishing, claims to believe in the "traditional American values of free enterprise, limited government, and individual liberty." Romney has expanded the scope of Massachusetts state government to limit the individual liberties of smokers and consenting gay adults, and "his book" is about the gigantic expenditure of federal dollars to pay for what is essentially a private event. Romney hardly seems Eagle material.

3) Who really wrote Turnaround? Will they share in the royalties? And who will pay the taxes on those royalties?

4) How is "Willard Mitt's book" anyway? (Not that great, according to one Amazon review which denounces the work as "bunk." Not that anyone trusts critics.)

5) When Turnaround becomes a made-for-Fox-TV-Movie, who will play Romney?

For this - we have an answer. The role of the Fraud Governor should go to Willard Mitt doppleganger Bruce Campbell, the star of Evil Dead and Army of Darkness?

Let's just hope Fox finds roles for a Loathsome Spokesman or two, and maybe a stray ghost.


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