Wednesday, July 07, 2004
Cloud Cover

As a business man, Willard Mitt was almost constantly under a cloud of alleged ethics violations, ranging from purported insider stock trading (Stage Stores, and DDi Corp) to allegations of Medicare fraud (Damon Corporation.) (source: Boston Globe, 10/11/2002)

Proving the maxim 'once an ethically challenged goober, always an ethically challenged goober,' Willard Mitt, who promised to 'Clean Up Beacon Hill, yesterday allegedly violated laws prohibiting the use of public property for political activity (source: Boston Globe, 7/7/2004) by calling a State House news conference to announce that "I look to support with every ounce of energy I can (Bush/Cheney), a team which represents the mainstream of American thought." (source: SHNS, 7/6/2004)

Romney, who has been called a religious zealot, did not define his concept of 'mainstream American thought.'

Romney's statement led state Rep. James Marzilli (D-Arlington) and state Sen. Jarrett Barrios (D-Cambridge) to indicate that they would file complaints with the state Ethics Commission and the Office of Campaign and Politicial Finance as Romney "should not use a taxpayer-paid press secretary, microphones, and telephones to comment on a partisan political matter. No public official is allowed to do this, and no special exception should be carved out for the (fraud) governor, period." (source: Boston Globe, 7/7/2004)

We could not have said it better ourselves.


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