Friday, July 16, 2004
Class Action

The Massachusetts Democratic State Committee has indicated it will file an ethics complaint against Willard Mitt for improperly spending public dollars to campaign against Sen. John Kerry.  (source:  Boston Globe, 7/16/2004)

Romney, who recently charged the tax-payers for his trip to Washington DC to tell the National Press Club that his is a wasteful and inefficient administration (see RiaF, 7/15/2004) defiantly said he had no intention of reimbursing the state for the costs of the trip, that "the First Amendment allows me to make comments while I'm also on state business." (source: Boston Globe, 7/16/2004)


Tell it to Dr. Abraham Philip, who used to be a pathologist for the state Office of the Chief Medical Examiner until he exercised his first amendment rights and 'made comments while on state business' to the Fraud Governor that the office needed more funding and better leadership. (source: Boston Globe, 5/25/2004; Boston Herald, 5/24/2004)

According to press reports, 'in a lawsuit filed in Suffolk Superior Court, Philip said he was a whistle-blower and that his actions brought retaliation from Chief Medical Examiner Richard J. Evans and state Public Safety Secretary Edward A. Flynn, whose office oversees the medical examiner's office. Philip said his immediate supervisor, John Cronin, violated his right to free speech by terminating Philip's contract for complaining about the practices and management of the medical examiner's office in a memo to others in the office and in two letters to Romney.' (source:  Boston Globe, 5/25/2004)

Hmmm. So Willard Mitt went to Washington and, on work time, complained that Massachusetts state government needed better leadership and more money. (see RiaF, 7/15/2004)

Fraudo, you're fired.

But make sure you contact Abe Philip.

Maybe you two can form a class action lawsuit.


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