Wednesday, July 14, 2004
Cheat Sheet

A pal asked if we'd post the following on the occasion of the Fraud Governor kicking off his candidacy for the Presidency of the National Right-Wing Republican Debating and Admiration Society.

Open Letter to (Willard) Mitt Romney on the Occasion of his Speech to the National
Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Dear (Fraud) Governor:

We know that you are busy today talking to the national media about the “Politics of the Presidency,” so we wanted to make sure you got this cheat sheet on the issues you missed today in Massachusetts.


· U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge came to town to discuss security and additional funding for the Democratic National Convention. We guess you figured we didn’t need the extra resources as much as you needed to run for the presidency, or is it the Senate? We're still not sure. Would you let us know?

· An amendment on Health Care for all of the Commonwealth’s citizens was up for a vote at today’s Constitutional Convention. How kind of you to give up that front row seat you had for earlier sessions of the Con-Con. We're sure that Massachusetts’ critically ill, elderly, poor and uninsured will forgive you and Secretary Preston for abandoning them.

By the way, wasn’t Secretary Preston supposed to release a plan long ago on universal health care? But why trifle yourself with such policy details. They’re all "takers" anyway, right?

· We almost forgot – you’re being sued. Apparently, on your watch, the number of deaths of the severely mentally retarded institutionalized at the Fernald School has more than doubled this last year over the average for the previous ten.

· Oh, and there is a comprehensive transportation overhaul bill sitting on your desk. You'll be able to locate it, as it would be the one sitting on top of that dusty pile of other bills awaiting your review.

We hope this crib sheet helps. Good luck in Washington – pursue your dreams, shoot for the stars.

Oh yeah, and don't worry about not fulfilling your pledge to run for and serve a second term as fraud governor.

No one is keeping track of your other broken pledges.


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