Thursday, May 27, 2004
What's In A Name?

What is it with Willard Mitt and prospective state Senators for the Cape? None of Romney's candidates appear to be from the Cape. The Fraud Governor has thrown his support to Fidelity Investment wash-out [the-unforgettable-uh-what's-her-name-again?] (R-Nahant) (see RiaF, 3/9/2004) and is now backing Cambridge resident Timothy Duncan who is running against Senator Therese Murray (D-Plymouth).

Duncan, whose name is an anagram for "Thy Nomadic Nut," has admitted to being a Cambridge resident. He has applied for and says he's eligible for a tax break for his house in Cambridge, "a break available only to those who claim their dwelling as their primary residence." (source: Cape Cod Times, 5/24/2004)

Sound familiar? (And did Willard Mitt ever pay back that $54,587.26?)

Oddly, on two separate occasions in tax year 2003, Duncan listed a Falmouth address as his primary residency, once in October and once in December. (source: OCPF) However, his claimed Falmouth home is said to not have a valid occupancy permit. And if Duncan has been living in the structure, he would be subject to a $1,000 a day fine for violating state building codes. (source: Cape Cod Time, 5/24/2004)

So is Duncan a Falmouth resident or does he actually qualify for a Cambridge tax break? Only the IRS auditors know for sure.

Duncan, whose name is an anagram for "Tinny Cad Mouth," has stated that he will make political action committee donations to Murray a central theme in his campaign. (source: Cape Cod Times, 5/24/2004) Duncan's opposition to political action committees is surprising, particularly in light of the fact that records indicate that in 2002 Duncan was employed by No on 2, a political action committee. (source: OCPF)

Which may explain why Timothy Duncan's name is an anagram for "Contain My Thud."


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