Thursday, May 20, 2004
Security Exchange

One short year ago yesterday, ace political/business star reporter Cosmo Macero broke a story about how Team Reform was moving the state Department of Public Health's Radiation Control Program out of its secure Portland Street facility to the Grove Hall section of Dorchester to share building space with the state's Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA). (source: Boston Herald, 5/19/2003)

As the Rad Program records and stores the location of radioactive material in Massachusetts the unsecured Grove Hall location was criticized by public health advocates and anti-terror experts. After all, the best way to dampen fears of a "dirty bomb" is to make sure that confidential information regarding radioactive material in the Commonwealth stays confidential.

Thankfully, these security concerns were addressed by a departmental spokesdupe who averred that the Fraud Governor's administration would take take adequate security precautions and that 'plans call for a state trooper to be posted in the lobby.'


So how're them thar security precautions coming along, pardner?

Well, according to someone who knows who told someone who doesn't but told someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows something, there's trouble a-brewin' at your Radiation Control Program, and no one is a-doin' anything about it.

Seems the move to Grove Hall was made with such haste that no one checked to see if the floors could support the Program's voluminous files.

After the Program moved in, it was discovered that the floors, in fact, could not support the files. To avoid over-stressing the stressed out floor, the files are now said to be scattered throughout the building. And largely unsecured.

Further, as many DTA staff do not have keys, the building doors are often propped open with rocks. (Yes, you read "rocks.")

And DTA staff complain when the rocks are moved, causing them to either get locked out, or forced to stay inside.

(Sound like smoking-ban victims to us.)

Worse, the evening cleaning crews often prop open the doors (when there is less street traffic to discourage the honest perps.)

So much for that state trooper being assigned to the lobby.

Maybe s/he's scouring the land for out-of-state wedding applications.

Or guarding Team Reform's plasma television.


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