Monday, May 17, 2004
Romney is Toast

If you are Mr. and Mr. Smith or Ms. and Ms. Jones and today, tomorrow, next week or next year are about to tie the knot toward pre-divorce bliss, don't forget to raise your glass to Willard Mitt, the Fraud Governor of the Commonwealth. For despite his mewlings to the contrary, Romney paved the way for gay marriage in the Commonwealth.

Had he been able to work with the Legislature, gay marriage would still be an editorial fancy. But Romney was more interested in scoring political points.

So gay marriage was ushered in on his watch.

As Margery Eagan wrote in the (4/1/2004) Boston Herald,

"(Willard) Mitt Romney was rising rapidly toward national glory. A Cabinet post, perhaps? A veep slot? A run for the White Hosue itself in 2008 or 2012?

"Today? Today he's. . . Governor Gay. Or The Gay Gov. He's Mr. Rainbow Romney.

"Whatever you call it, he's chief executive of the looney bin whose new gay-marketing mottos include: "If you lived here you'd be married now."

"And, "Coupling in the Commonwealth." And, "Massachusetts: Your Homo Away from Homo."

"And Deb and Sue and Don and Sam - for the first time in American history - will exchange "I do's." On Mitt's watch.

""It's delicious. What an irony," says Sue Hyde of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. "(H)ow can he possibly present himself as a family values candidate if he's the one who let the queers get married?"

"Let's do some word association here.

"Attorney General Tom Reilly: Law and order.

"(Willard) Mitt Romney: Two guys in leather chaps kissing in Provincetown."

So raise one for the Fraud Governor. Because at the end of the day, if you are gay and Massachusetts married, you couldn't have done it without Willard Mitt, the Gay Blade of Beacon Hill.


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