Monday, May 31, 2004
Insurance Rider

Willard Mitt's auto insurance task force has begun to unveil the reforms that the Fraud Governor claimed to be "personally" developing way back when newspaper editorialists were still accepting Romney's word as being worth more than Romney's word. (source: RiaF, 4/6/2004)

Romney is claiming that he wants to reformulate the way that high-risk policies are assigned to insurance carriers. (source: Boston Globe, 5/18/2004)

High-risk policies mean increased payouts for insurance providers, which they try to recoup by charging some people higher rates, even if they don't necessarily have bad driving records.

Which is why people with perfect driving records in, say, Cambridge, pay more for auto insurance than people with perfect driving records in, say, Falmouth, sometimes as much as $400 a year more, for comparable auto insurance. (source: Boston Globe, 1/12/1991; Boston Magazine, April 2004)

Doesn't seem fair, does it? Especially if you live in Cambridge.

Which may be from whence a question was recently posed to the Rat Line.

Seems someone's curiosity was peaked when we wrote how Timothy Duncan (R-Cambridge) (who is being strongly supported by Willard Mitt (source: 5/30/2004)) was running for a state Senate seat in Falmouth despite having applied for a Cambridge residential tax break while he claimed to have been a resident of Falmouth. (A Venn Diagram of Duncan's residency claims looks like one of the Pep Boys.)

Let's go right to the tape (which we have edited for, uh, editing.) Hey Tim Duncan, consider this your first official press conference:

"My questions for Mr. Duncan are these: You claimed a tax break in Cambridge because it was your primary residence. Would you please tell me where you registered your car? And do your auto insurance rates reflect your primary residence in Cambridge from where you filed for that residential tax break, or your fanciful residence in that Falmouth house from which you are running for Senate but for which you do not yet have an occupancy permit?

"In short, did you commit tax fraud, or insurance fraud?"

You can whisper your answer, Tim. We promise not to tell.

Parade Rest

Looking for a local Memorial Day parade? Don't bother checking the official Commonwealth web-site. The Commonwealth's Veterans' Services office doesn't even acknowledge Memorial Day. And aside from providing a few web-links, the State's main site is not much better.

Willard Mitt, a Chicken Hawk who spent the Vietnam War hiding in a series of Parisian bakeries, will no doubt insist the Commonwealth publish a full parade-listing for July 14 and December 9.


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