Monday, May 24, 2004
Crystal Bawl

When Willard Mitt first dropped the line, it seemed like a petty throw-away: 'the Democrats will be to blame for the traffic mess created by the Convention.' (source: Boston Globe, 3/17/2004)

However, now that the details about the forthcoming security measures that the Republican controlled Secret Service, the State Police, and the Boston Police are draping around the city, Romney's prediction seems less prescient than predetermined.

It seems the Fraud Governor was speaking from inside information.

Could this be part of a coordinated plan to try to make Massachusetts a 'red state?'

Riddle us this: the Republican controlled Secret Service is closing 40 miles of roads in and around Boston and a subway stop that is located near the Fleet Center to protect a guy who is running for President, but when the actual President goes to New York for the Republican Convention, the Secret Service won't shutter any streets or close the subway stop that sits directly under the Convention Hall? (source: Boston Globe, 5/23/2004)

Since when did the Secret Service become an arm of the Republican National Committee? Or were they rolled into the Department of (Job) Conservation and Recreation when the MDC was "abolished?"


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