Wednesday, April 07, 2004
Survey Says

Some say that the recent UMASS poll shows that 62 percent of those surveyed view Willard Mitt favorably. (source: Boston Globe, 4/6/2004)

We’d suggest looking a bit deeper.

When asked to rate the job that the Fraud Governor was doing, the 'excellent to good' responses dipped to 58 percent. (source: Univ. of MA Quarterly Poll, 4/6/2004)

Which is good, but not excellent.

When asked if they felt things in Massachusetts were 'going in the right direction' only 39 percent said yes. Which is fair, not good.

And when asked whom they trusted to 'make the right decisions with regard to taxes and budget cuts' only 33 percent sided with Willard Mitt. Which is poor, not fair. Particularly insofar as an over-whelming portion of Romney's function involves taxes and the budget.

Just think, another four questions and the Fraud Governor could have hit single digits.


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