Friday, April 02, 2004
Steady As A Crock

When Willard Mitt is in front of George W, Romney calls him "a man of character, a true leader, a great leader." (source: Boston Globe, 3/26/2004)

But when Bush is not around, the Fraud Governor's tone changes dramatically.

According to recent reports, Romney has been "calling around town soliciting suggestions" for a replacement to Sen. John Kerry (D-MA.) (source: Boston Globe, 4/1/2004)

Kerry, of course, will not be replaced unless he ... beats George W in November.

Now those unfamiliar with the Mess on Beacon Hill may dismiss Romney's musings as mere musings. But trust us on this one, there are few sins more mortal in politics than disloyalty. Correction: there are few sins more mortal in politics than the appearance of disloyalty.

And by "calling around town, soliciting suggestions" on Kerry's replacement, Romney is signalling to the outside world that he thinks Bush is going to lose.

Think we're off base? The next time you see your favorite Senator or Rep, or CEO or Foreman, tell them you support them 100 percent, then ask them who's going to replace them when they get fired.

Or ask Lightweight LG Sherry Kerry Healey who she thinks Willard Mitt will choose as his next running mate.

We're sure they'll enjoy the intellectual exercise.

Romney Dangerfield

Who was it said humor shines a light on the inner soul? Probably no one.

But our pals over at Kmarx (the real "big K") write convincingly on Willard Mitt's "joke" about Whacko Hurley.

They also shoot and score with a top-shelf piece on The Inherent Contradictions of (Willard) Mitt Romney.

Kmarx may be to the left of RiaF, but when it comes to the Fraud Governor, we think they are dead-eye right.


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