Wednesday, April 07, 2004
Signs of the Times

Donald Trump wants to own the words, "You're Fired."

It's a good thing he doesn't want to also scoop up "Space Available" or "For Lease," because it looks like those fine phrases are already owned by Route 128.

Not too long ago, Romney said 'knocking on doors of businesses' would be a large part of his administration to create a climate to encourage growth. (source: Lowell Sun, 9/28/2002)

If the "Space Available" and "For Lease" signs along the Big Highway are any indication of the climate that Romney is creating, might we suggest that he stop knocking on doors? He's obviously scaring the prospects away!

Of course, almost any sign is better than the one Team Reform has slung over the front of the Fraud Governor's balcony of the State House: For Sale.


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