Thursday, April 08, 2004
On The Job

Proving once again that he is one of the best political business writers around, the Boston Herald's Cosmo Macero shot and scored Wednesday with "Romney can't be called on the job", a savage column that picked apart Willard Mitt's lack of job creation to date.

Two graphs that caught our eye:

"Five fiscal quarters into Republican Romney's jobless administration, the only people more frustrated than his political rivals are the business-community supporters who hailed his 2002 victory over Democrat Shannon O'Brien."


"Time is running out. On our patience with this economy, and with this (fraud) governor."

Note to whomever is running the Herald these days, put this guy on the Op-Ed page.

Romney may not be on the job, but Cosmo certainly is.

Outsourcing 202

Look what the Rat dragged in:

Team Reform's Group Insurance Commission has a new dental provider for retirees - Altus Dental. And guess where they're from?

10 Charles Street, Providence. The one in Rhode Island.

Good jobs at good wages. Somewhere else.

Willard Mitt: Doing More For Almost Everywhere Than Massachusetts.

Puck Off

1. Boston-Montreal.

2. Opening Day at Fenway.

We've got our priorities in order.

Team Reform weighs in at number 300 (which, coincidentally, appears to have been Willard Mitt's draft number during the Vietnam War (from which he hide in a series of Parisian Spider Holes.))

So keep your eyes on the playing field at all times, beware of foul balls, and remember, if an ordinary person cannot easily obtain tickets for an event, a politician who uses clout to buy them is violating the state's conflict-of-interest law. (source: Boston Globe, 1/30/2004)

Happy Opening Day.

(RiaF will return, but probably not before the ice melts.)


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