Monday, April 12, 2004
Late Michigan

Can't a cyber-cynic get some rest? As we implied last week, we're trying to let this site sleep for a bit. Really, we are.

But Team Reform is making it difficult.

Willard Mitt went home to Michigan. To campaign for George W. "That's the reason I came," he told the press. (source: Boston Globe, 4/9/2004)

But Romney also let drop a weird little line that he would use the trip to meet with four Michigan-based companies to try to persuade them to expand operations in Massachusetts. (source: Boston Globe, 4/9/2004)

Which begs the answer: was the Michigan trip a political trip, or a job recruiting trip? Who paid for it? Since Romney was purportedly recruiting for Massachusetts jobs, will the taxpayers foot part of the bill? If so, shouldn't the tax-payers be told which companies Romney purportedly visited?

And if jobs from four Michigan businesses were really in play, why did Willard Mitt wait to recruit them? Why weren't the Michigan companies worth a visit before the Bush campaign trip?

Is the recruiting thing a secondary mission so that the taxpayers pick up part of the tab, or is it real, and just of secondary importance to the Fraud Governor?

And did Willard Mitt or any of his entourage go to the Tigers/Twins game at Comerica Park? And if so, did they pay for their tickets?

Okay, so we begged more than one answer. But probably more answers than the total number of jobs that Romney will bring home from his home state.


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