Monday, February 09, 2004
Words To Live By

"We still await (fraud) Governor Romney's comments on rising health costs," said a health care advocate in response to comments posed by Angry Eric Kriss, who stepped out of his Music Room long enough to write a 'sick people stink' article for Commonwealth magazine.

Well wait no more!

Because last week Willard Mitt not only commented on rising health costs, he took credit for them, bragging that his administration is "under-reimbursing providers for their full cost of treating Medicaid patients." (source: SHNS, 2/4/2004)

Wait a minute, didn't Romney famously (and fatuously) promise to solve Medicaid funding by increasing the federal reimbursement from 50 percent to 77 percent? (source: Worcester T&G, 9/29/2002)

Okay, so now that he's admitted failure with Plan A, is there a Plan B?

'Romney said the Executive Office of Health and Human Services for more than a year has been developing a proposal with a handpicked task force to "create a far better coverage" for the uninsured. Romney said the administration is "working very hard" on its proposal… Romney declined to fully elaborate on the proposal.' (source: SHNS, 2/4/2004)

Golly, another task force.

We hope they've been working on their secret plan to reform health care as hard as the task force that's been working on Romney's secret plan to reform auto insurance! (source: Boston Globe, 12/18/2003)

However, before anyone out there accuses us of being one-sided, we will let a couple of Team Reform insiders have the last word.

First up, Christine Ferguson, the Fraud Governor's own Public Health Commissioner, answering the charge that Romney is leading a 'reckless assault on public health services.'

"I am heartsick about this. I don’t think there is anyone here who would say this is the right thing to do, that we would do this whether we had resources or not, that this is restructuring or fundamentally reforming government." (source: SHNS, 2/4/2004)

And then there's Ron Preston, Willard Mitt's Secretary of Health and Human Services:

"We don't like the idea that we are contributing to the greater problems of the system." (source: Boston Globe, 2/5/2004)

Now THAT'S what we call vison - a sound bite that can double as a campaign slogan.

Team Reform: contributing to the greater problems of the system.


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