Friday, February 20, 2004
Weak Link

Perhaps embarrassed at the lack of support he has offered candidates to the state Senate, Willard Mitt yesterday carpooled to North Attleboro to campaign (on State time) for Scott Brown. (source: SHNS; Boston Globe, 2/20/2004)

Romney did Brown the disservice of highlighting Team Reform's "education initiatives" which the Mass. Taxpayer's Foundation recently panned as inadequate.

To whit:

"(Romney's) recommended increases in local school support do not come close to offsetting the cuts of the last three years. The (fraud) Governor's recommendations for school aid other than Chapter 70 are $234 million, or almost 50 percent below 2001 spending." (source: masstaxpayers.org)

Okay, so Romney had no good news to deliver on Brown's behalf. But at least he provided paltry support.

And paltry support is better than no support at all, which is what the GOP Strongman Darrell Crate appears to be lending candidates challenging Sen. Robert O'Leary, from the Cape.

The first GOP candidate out of the chute, Lou Gonzaga, is no longer in the GOP. Citing a lack of support from the Party, Gonzaga changed his political affiliation to Independent. (source: The Gonzaga Committee, 'Gonzaga changes his stripes,' 2/11/2004)

A one-time GOP stalwart who ran for Congress against Bill Delahunt (source: Cape Cod Times, 1/27/2004), Gonzaga quit Romney when Team Reform recruited [beep beep beep static - hey, what happened to the signal?] to run in the primary. [Shhhhhhh-pop-pop-shhh], who worked at Robert Posen's Fidelity Investments, is a carpetbagger who moved to Yarmouth from off-Cape. (source: Barnstable Patriot, 2/13/2004)

Senator O'Leary, may we suggest the following debate question: "Ms. [Shhhhhhh-pop-pop-shhh], or is it Dr. [Shhhhhhh-pop-pop-shhh]? Can you please tell us what you have done to improve life on the Cape during the past few years? Other, of course, than return to Nahant when your vacation was over?"

So what is the GOP doing for [Shhhhhhh-pop-pop-shhh]? About as much as they are doing for Brown.

The GOP does have a "Hot Link" to the Barnstable County Republican Club. And we presume the Barnstable County Republican Club is affiliated with [Shhhhhhh-pop-pop-shhh].

It is unclear, however, if the Barnstable County Republican Club is affiliated with the Mass. Republican Party, or just Mass. Republicans looking for an early bird special.


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